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  • My work here is done.

  • Office politics.
    Their pettiness and bitchiness is mind-blowing.

    1 lady took 3 weeks off in our busiest period of the year, came back, moaned that none of her work was done (it was) and it's "so unfair" that a few others took the quiet week off and "left her on her own" (she wasn't) but she had to cover their work for a few days.
    Now she's been signed off sick for a week.

  • Work from home. My office politics involve me being fucked off with myself for not cleaning my insulated coffee mug properly so now I gave either normal tasting cold coffee or funky tasting warm coffee. Fucking twat, who does he think he is, not cleaning the mugs properly. Wanker.

  • Am working from home today, one of the office juniors is demanding they get fed.

    So badly malnourished she doesn’t have the strength to support her own head.

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  • Life's real tough sometimes.

  • the person who designed TRP Revox brakes. maybe he thought people have four hands.

    Loosen any nut to have the pads shoot out of alignment across 12 planes of movement. Tighten any nut to have your carefully aligned pad twist out of position.

  • I hate getting fined £20 for sitting in First Class for 5 minutes between London Bridge and Blackfriars, during rush hour.

    If only there were another, inexpensive mode of transport I could take.

  • Cool workspace and co-workers though.

  • Who is issuing these, BTP?

  • sounds like GTR ‘revenue protection’ up to their old ruse/unable to stop being massive cunts.

  • Both correct, GTR issuing penalties backed up by massive hi-vis-wearing BTP hard men.

    It's such a massive scam, no option to pay for an upgrade on the train, no space in standard class, no leeway for sitting down and then realising your mistake and moving down the train. Just a cash grab.

  • They probably exercise zero tolerance because so many people deliberately sit there without paying.

    Ultimately, they should just get rid of 1st class on commuter routes.

  • I think a lot are now (along with other unnecessary stuff like tables and seats).

  • I remember the LTS line 1st class section. The seats were a slightly different colour purple.
    That was it.

  • People who blow their own trumpet

  • .

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  • Actual trumpet owners excluded

  • Date night...

    Fuck off, breeder twats...

  • from the same people that brought you valentines day restaurant bookings.

  • IF you've ever been on date night, it's not even date night. It's "talk about the kids and shit" night.
    Date night would be "try and form a connection and then get your rocks off".

    I mean. Someone told me that.

  • Unless you're talking about that film.
    With Steve Carroll and Tina Fey in it.

  • Parents who are even able to have date nights. Entitled pricks the lot of them!

  • Very little kid chat on our first and only one so far.

    But that's because most of it was in the cinema (Lion King) and the chat was checking the soya content of the McDonald's sauces.

  • Date night would be "try and form a connection and then get your rocks off".

    Not whe " them' is the waiting staff.

    They dont like that.

    So I'm told.

  • Malcolm Gladwell, so it's nice to see his latest book savaged. He manages not only to be trite and banal but dangerous; his lazy abuse of statistics validated stop-and-search policing in New York and helped spread the practice globally.

    That cunt Taleb can go fuck himself as well.

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I hate

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