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  • Activewear? I thought the term was Athleisure. Although maybe that's a more put-together look that dresses up sportswear with slightly elevated styles.

  • I rest my case... It's an epidemic...

  • I hate poor decision making... I'm staying with my parents at the moment and they make fucking terrible decisions on a daily basis, just silly, basic stuff but it drives me crazy...

  • I’m not going to miss Theresa May (actually lol Boris, so maybe I will) but I am going to miss her peculiar brand of physical comedy

  • Activewear? I thought the term was Athleisure.

    I call it Cashtech (pronounced like casual tech)

  • Sports Casual?

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  • Yes! My parents are staying for a few days: Watching my dad make a cup of tea is excruciating. It’s a series of small, poorly made decisions all strung together to create the most mediocre slapstick routine I’ve seen.

  • Hate dealing with other people's weird delusions, especially when they get me in trouble. We have an ancient Nokia phone in the drawer we're always supposed to keep switched on and plugged in so if anyone needs to call or text in an emergency they will have one number that'll always be answered. My colleague has this idea that the cleaner will break open the locked drawer to steal the phone if they see the cable or hear the ringtone going off when we're not here, so she repeatedly unplugs and turns off the phone when she leaves. No idea why she thinks the cleaner will either bring in a prying bar or develop beast mode strength in order to steal a £10 phone but she is generally mistrustful like that. Meanwhile I get told off when someone's trying to get through and just gets voicemail in the morning.

  • Ur so cash babes

  • Also, I'm fairly tolerant of kids walking side by side down a pavement as I understand none of them want to miss a word of conversation (while having one ear bud in....). But adult types?

  • I wish I could go into detail about my dad's driving, he is appalling... And this isn't an 'I've just passed my test' thing, he's always been terrible... He thinks he's the only person on the road, stops to check his phone on zebra crossings, parks exactly where he wants, speeds all the time, drives too close to the car in front, stalls the car every time we go out in it, can't parallel park, takes an eternity to make a crucial decision... It's terrible to be in a car with him...

  • We have a friend who turns off all the appliances in our kitchen at the plug when she visits.
    Kind of annoying when the kettle still hasn't boiled despite me having pressed the button an hour ago and ohhhhh..... she was round yesterday wasn't she?

  • I have a friend who turns the toilet paper around every time she uses our bathroom so the free end is near the wall (AKA the wrong way). She doesn't do it to annoy me, she just thinks she's right and that everyone else should fall in line. At this point it just makes me laugh.

  • Uber bikes. First attempt at using one, the bike is a piece of shit to the point it was almost unrideable, and then I find you can’t park the fucking things in Hackney, so I had to ride to Islington and then walk to work, meaning I’d have been quicker on the fucking bus anyway. Cunts.

  • You're not a mistake, an accident is different.

  • Also, I know when my brother has been round because if he uses the toaster he turns it up to max then just pops it out himself, then leaves it on fucking max so I get burnt toast in the morning, fucking cunt.

  • That's just the fucking start.

  • Unbelievably, I'm the sensible, well adjusted one in the family.

  • I'm just picking on pram users because they're wide

    It's called baby weight you insensitive arse.

  • I am mildly annoyed by:

    PM sent
    PM replied to
    PM sent
    PM replied to

    As it seems entirely unnecessary

  • We have a friend who turns off all the appliances in our kitchen at the plug when she visits.

    This needs stopping. Talk to her. End that shit.

    Absolutely appalling behaviour.

  • I need to re-wire one of the metal-faced sockets actually. I'd better be careful when I do: I mean, it'd really be awful if the face plate became live, wouldn't it?

  • When I was working in Norwich I was living in digs with a landlady who would turn the broadband router off when she went to bed around 10pm, because it got hot.

  • Because of all the pron you were stuffing through it at 2158?

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I hate

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