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  • But not as good as that thing where people pretend to both wrongly identify the film and also get the plot of the wrong film wrong. That's hilarious for, oh, microseconds.

  • That's what happened to me, the other day, when I was singing along to the big show tune number in Blade Runner

  • Sorry, I'm not quite following... Is that the one where Darth Vader chases that family across the Alps and etc?

  • "I've seen frozen pineapples glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All these moments will be lost in time, like passport stickers that must be removed."

    Arnie's a hell of an actor.

  • I like that they're so fresh and relevant.
    Something something sausage balde runner

  • Blade Runner - The Musical

    Please don't give Andrew Lloyd-Webber any ideas.

  • There's going to be a whole chapter on this in the forum book

  • Is that nearly finished yet?

  • Step right up Mr Huge Ackman.

  • Flying cars, robot like people? I think a truly scrumptious singalong was done already.

  • Oh god, I now have a mental image of Mashton singing Chu Chi Face.

  • Hermes.
    Fucking shitting liars.
    And chain reaction cycles for using them.
    So no product despite paying for next day delivery.

  • Matt Stevens bloody dominating expressive free left hand when he is doing an interview,,shudder

  • I’ve got a thing about people who repeat hand gestures when they’re talking.

    (In that it really winds me up; not that I find it arousing, you understand. )

  • I had a chilling shiver go down my whole body when I put in an order and it sent a Hermes track email yesterday.

  • Hermes once left a box with my open university books in the rear garden. In rainy Belfast. With no note to inform me.

    I found them a few days in when I checked online if they had been delivered... luckily the padding had absorbed most of the rain.

  • Did you still pass the module?

  • Fibre based question?

  • “Hurms” as my old manager pronounced it.

  • Still no fucking update from Hermerdes (Hurms, Turdems, whatever) the arseholes.
    Kudos, of sorts, to CRC who refunded the postage without batting an eyelid.
    Why they still use these box-shi(f)ters is such a mystery, must cost them a fortune.
    Will order form Wiggle next time. Yodel are so on it...

  • I once had a parcel delivered from Hermes, directly to my wheelie bin immediately before it was collected. Fucking useless.

  • Are their drivers paid per drop? Would explain why they do such a shitty job. If I was in there shoes and the company I worked for weren't paying me an hourly wage but we're paying me based on number of deliveries I'd get the job done as quickly and therefore probably as shittily as possible.

  • Are their drivers paid per drop?

    Aren't all couriers?

  • I work as a courier and I'm paid hourly. That's for a much smaller company though.

  • Only the top book was a bit saggy and the ou also gives PDF of all the books.

    I can't recall now which one it was but I passed all my modules (with varying grades...)

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I hate

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