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  • Oh goodness, I don't think I'd clocked 'mated' before. Thanks a fucking lot!

  • I've accidentally mated with my saddle a few times when missing the pedal clip in

  • while we're here, "shutter" for "close", e.g.:

    It's the end of a geeky era: After 19 glorious years of flogging movie, comic book and gaming-related swag, ThinkGeek is shuttering its website next month.

  • crap buzzwords thread >>>>>

  • At the moment, bees. A swarm arrived last night, found a hole in the wall and is trying to turn the space behind our sink and under our bath into a new hive. 🐝 đŸ”«

  • No man, and like no again. Kill the bees and you kill the world. Take out your toothbrush and go dirty for a while

  • Bit of a niche one:

    Golden section / Fibonacci spiral.

    Or more specifically when people apply it to compositions after the event and go ‘oooooh, look, they’ve used golden section to compose it. How clever’. You can literally put it on any painting or photograph and it’s going to line up with some bits of it. It’s the compositional equivalent of horoscopes.

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  • I know, I don't really hate them. It was just a bit of a shock and is making having a quiet poo quite unsettling.

  • Would louder shits help?

  • I shall investigate and report back.

  • Not great news, but where are you? go here and scroll down to find a local swarm collector (presuming you’ve checked all the ‘are they honey bees?’ Pictures)


  • I went from painting to Photography in Art College
    The Photography dept has a different “golden section” based on another pseudo calculation.

  • Nothing pseudo about the limit of the Fibonacci series term ratio.

  • Yeah agreed it good maths, it’s application is poor though.

  • Saw that page, pretty certain they are. Trouble is these aren't in a normal ball kind of swarm, they've got inside the wall already, so not easily collected. Will contact for advice anyway.

    Back in the flat now and I'd say about 80% of them are now dead, unfortunately. Still looks like they're coming and going from the wall, but many fewer. A bit of a relief.

  • 80%? Well that's it. Humans are toast. I'm off for one last bike ride in the lanes but knowing my luck I will collide with a bee and feel even worse.

  • Shops that are shut on a Tuesday

    Not checking if shops are shut on a Tuesday

  • Jack White and almost everyone associated with him. Thanks don’t know why but I just fucking hate him and all of shitty bands. Just been watching the Nashville ep of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and everyone in it seems nice enough ... Alison whatshername from Dead Weather, nothing i’ve ever noticed or cared about but she seems sort of ok... then they start playing music and for some reason I just want to burn them all to the ground. Anything he touches I just hate. Which is weird because on paper I should like it. But nope. Fuck off fat zoro on doughnuts with your milky faced macho humourless posturing heavy clodhopping sexless try hard faux garage dadrock pastiche shit.

  • Oh wait. That’s why I hate it. Sometimes it helps to write stuff down.

  • Alison whatshername


  • 9/10 rant, would read again, next time try to explain more how you really feel.. 😆

  • Anything he touches I just hate. Which is weird because on paper I should like it.

    Yeah just never got on with him either. This sums him up in my eyes too. Don't hate him tho.

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I hate

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