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  • This Tory cu_t

  • When your email and social stuff is continually reminding you of Fathers Day.

    But when Dad died last year...

  • I'm sorry, boss. That must be tough. Not easy but try to take it as a reminder of him as he was (not that you might need it), rather than a reminder that he's gone. I'm dreading that day myself and it's probably not far off.

  • Expensive headphones designed for commuting that leak sound as if the only person that matters is the listener.
    Air pods the most obvious example.

  • The guy who cut me up on the way home who, when I jokingly reminded him that cyclists need to keep an eye out for each other too when I caught up at a light said “yeah yeah yeah, heard you the first time”, and rolled his eyes.

  • Organised office fun.

    Hey, let's go to the park at lunchtime and play rounders and volleyball.

    Whatever next? Throw a hacky sack around and do chest bumps?

    Lunchtime is peak LFGSS time.

  • Kate Tempest.

    Gets right on my tits with her faux-earnest sarrf landan spoken-word borefest.

  • I was also thinking this ten minutes ago. I guess you were also listening to six music.

  • I flung my earphones across the desk then wrote this post.

    I also hate the fact 6 music play her drivel every 15 minutes and get her in at every opportunity!

  • Retailers that, year on year, treat you like a simpleton by sticking to the same marketing strategies. I.e. 'end of aisle' offers that are just slightly marked down products that were heavily marked up just so they look like a bargain when they mark them down.

  • Kate Tempest.

    Gets right on my tits with her faux-earnest sarrf landan spoken-word borefest.

    love it!

  • Personal development plans...

  • The Chapman Stick.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYKB6Lag­-wg

    Agreed - cunts.
    I had to search but concur wholeheartedly with you. I also hate people who use the word concur.

  • Organised office fun.

    Can fuck right off

  • Organised office fun.

    So much this. Impromptu pint after hours with people I get on with or team meal/beers to celebrate project success is enough (though cold, hard cash equivalent would work).

  • On the other hand when a job tells you it's going to organise a 'wellbeing' day and spins it as a fun thing which turns out to be them booking a conference room and having everyone brainstorm ideas on how to get productivity up... that's bullshit. At least last time when they organised an out of office thing there was no work talk and participation in the team based races wasn't mandatory so you could just lie in the park chatting and eating the picnic. This is just 'we're going to go and work somewhere else today'.

  • I declined the office fun but ate some of the leftover snack food. That's the win right there.

  • My new workplace organised a karaoke night on my second week, I was feeling a bit ill so swerved it but I wish I'd gone, it sounded like a lot of fun... Nice bunch of unpretentious folks...

  • This has been mentioned before, but it’s been winding me up lately:

    When people say they’re ‘running’ something.

    ‘I’m running gravelkings on my new bicycle machine’

    Was perusing a mtb forum earlier where everyone was running everything. One guy was running fingerless gloves. I think he meant he wore them but who knows any more.

  • "yeah running ultra wide KrispyKenny 35s XS in ceramic mated to Chris Kings mated to the frame which is mated to me via a dildo instead of a saddle"

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I hate

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