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  • Ummm,
    Does anyone know anything about Japan-
    Specifically bike related- i know keirin originated there and i know it might be quite big.
    Any suggestions/tips...
    I'm going on Sunday is all- and i'm tempted....
    And if anyone knows a keirin track near tokyo (where i'll be)
    Let me know

  • all i know is Japan is awesome and that im insanely jealous of you!

  • hey...sounds like a pretty exciting trip. check out the thread here:

    Japan Thread

    always makes me dribble a little.

  • Stay at Tokyo International Youth Hostel - idabashi Station - Shinjuku.

    The views are off-scene with your room on the 17-18th floors, see Fuji yonder and the bath(45 degrees!!!) looks out over town.

  • Go and see Guitar Wolf!

  • have a place to stay- budget ryokan ( thanks though-)

  • Hang around Shinjuku at night.. check out Golden and Silver palaces in Kyoto (in fact, check out all of Kyoto), watch a sumo match (can be hard to get tix), eat sushi and definately okonomiyaki, speak to the locals (they will speak to you anyway), go to hiroshima (best fscking anti-war statement ever), sleep in a monk's place up in the hills and pray at sunrise.. can't help with the bike stuff (had no interest in it when I was there).
    Fsck I wish I had my Japan pics!

  • kowalski www.davidsmith-photo.com


    Cheers hippy.

  • kowalski www.davidsmith-photo.com

    They're nice and all but they're not mine..

  • You can get a whole sushi-roll from a street vendor and eat it like a hot-dog - yum.

  • My mate went to Nobu in New York where they had bargain basement Japanese.. only $330 per person!!!

  • hippy [quote]kowalski www.davidsmith-photo.com

    They're nice and all but they're not mine..[/quote]

    From my most recent trip, about two years ago.

    Just before I got back on me bike.

    Timing, huh...?

  • Is your name David Smith? I always assume you're Polish with the nick 'kowalski' :)

  • japan is awesome. you will love it. Cant help you on the bike front im afraid...also its a bit of nightmare finding anything off the beaten track cos of the obscure and rather frustrating address system
    they got going on over there. Def check out harajuku for shopping. Theres a great gyoza restaurant that you have to visit at one end of the street that supreme is on that is just amazing...just gyoza...yum.
    wish i could remember the address but i cant.

  • hippy Is your name David Smith? I always assume you're Polish with the nick 'kowalski' :)

    Yes it is.

    It's a Vanishing Point thang....

    And whodafeck wants a name as dull as mine?

  • I almost thought you chose 'David Smith' because your name was like Mirowslavicz Vojtek Kowalski and you were taking the piss. :)
    Am I a bad person? hehehe fsck.. late! bye

  • hippy Am I a bad person?

    You are an Australian.

  • kowalski [quote]hippy Am I a bad person?

    You are an Australian.[/quote]

    I am? Does that kind of thing wash off?

  • Only if you're an Ozzenger.

  • wtf were you doing at 7am hippy? that's bad for your health..

    kinda on topic, where can you get cheap tickets to tokyo?..

  • I was waking up and then crashing my bike, why? Do it every morning (the waking not the crashing).

  • I suffered to get out of bed by 8.20 this morning.. and an hour later I still haven't left home, which means I'll be late again. For about the 250th time in a year. How the hell do most people get up in the morning? :(

    Hope the crash wasn't too bad.. you alright?

  • Nicholas Go and see Guitar Wolf!

    I second that! :D

    And get me a Fragment x Supreme bikelock! http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/luciferjackas­s/article?mid=10741

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