Frame for Life! (Dolan, maybe)

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  • hi,

    Just signed in to this forum and am learning plenty about fix-gear before taking the plunge. I currently commute on a Ridgeback Gensis Day 00, but after seeing so many fixed about and having to get my gears reset every few months, I've decided to look into getting a fix. Mainly for the maintenace angle, but also for a bit more fitness and they look pretty cool.

    Anyway, thinking of getting something built up and have been looking at a Dolan frame from BrickLane Bikes, think I'm going to need at 53cm frame, as I'm only about 5'9". Can't find much info on them at the moment and as I'm new to the scene, I'm not sure if it's a good base to start from. I'm really after a thicker frame than some of the racers, but not mountain bike size, if you know what I mean. I've looked at a Fuji Track, but with the wheels they come with, I'd be throwing those away, so it seems a waste. Suppose I could ebay them!!!

    The bikes going to be used daily from the commute and for most of my transport around the captal, so don't want to start on too cheaper bike, as I want something that's going to last and eventually be something special. So really looking at a 'Frame for Life'. At the moment, it's a Fuji, Langster or Pista (and throw away the rubbish), or a Dolan.

    Any education would be welcome, as I want to get the frame right!

  • well if you want a frame for life then you're gonna have to either get some high quality aluminuim frame e.g. koga or something built in either reynolds, clumbus or dedacciai tubing. I'll cost more than you'll want to spend but it'll last you a lot longer than any of the above mentioned off the peg bikes.
    Bob Jackson, Whitcom are good frame builders, but if you want something special you should give Roberts a call, but i warn you those guys only use the best quality steel tubes so i warn you...

  • frame for life has to be steel, if a tube fails you get a new one welded in. you can do this with aluminum but heat treatment afterwards can be tricky

  • I don't think you should even be looking for a 'frame for life' before you know you want to ride fixed..

  • hippy I don't think you should even be looking for a 'frame for life' before you know you want to ride fixed..

    i dont think he ment hes going to keep it untill he dies,he can always sell it if it aint what he wants.moron!:)

  • what about a surly steamroller?

  • What I'm saying, aidanceswithwolves, is that he's hardly gonna know what's good/bad fixed-wise on a first bike. No point laying down loads of cash before even riding one. Might not like it and decided to go ss? My suggestion - buy off the peg and ride it until it's fscked, flog it on ebay to hipster (not 'me', a tightjeanwearingtrendoid) and then buying something up-spec.

  • wappingwarrior '. At the moment, it's a Fuji, Langster or Pista (and throw away the rubbish), or a Dolan.

    non of those are 'frames for life' by any stretch of the imagination! They are the bottom of the pile when it comes to quality.... and that's in every respect.... sizing, geometry in relation to its task, tubing quality, build quality, finish etc etc. I could go on. The Dolan is slightly better, but not really any different from a Langster in tube quality.... Stef, u and I were talking about this at Polo weren't we?

    To be honest, if you've never ridden fixed before, just get one of those rather than a "frame for life". I'm with Hippy on that one. Have you considered Singlespeed rather than fixed wheel? it will have the same low matainance as fixed, but will be less of a shift from your Ridgeback.

  • shut up hippypotamus!

  • SS

    What jon said.

  • You're aidangerous this afternoon?
    Did you miss nap time? :P

  • yes:(

  • i recommend the fuji - for the simple reason that that's what i did. i got one, they are stupidly cheap - try and price up a roberts or mercian or bob jackson and you'll see how cheap they are - and i rode it everywhere and thrashed it to pieces and skidded and track stood and became a bit of a twat really (or more of a twat). i replaced the stock wheels and bars, but this was a good idea because i transferred all these bits to my new bob jackson, and i spent this morning turning the fuji into frankenstein's monster so i can play polo on it and leave it outside the pub. the only problem is i can't afford a brake for it. oh well.

    so think small, walk first, get big scary amazing bike later when you're sure.

  • I've ridden a fuji and a couple of custom bikes from Bricklane bikes, so I know I want to ride fixed!

    As for 'Frame for Life'! What I meant, was I want a good enough frame, where, as I add components to it and build it up, the frame is still good enough. Was looking at a Dolan as a frame I can start with and that I won't want/need to replace once I'd built up the bike over the next few years.

    Is the Dolan frame any better than the fuji track frame? As I could just get a track and bin the stuff over the next year, to build it up!

    I do like the look of the Dolan frame, just not sure how good it is for the ££££!

    Might just throw some cash at something bricklane have already made up!

    I've emailed the guy at London fixed, but had no reply!

  • When you say 'the dolan frame'.. which one? Don't they only do a carbon and an alu track frame? I could look at their website but lazyness prevents me..
    kiwicycles is another one to try for a steel frame. Not sure you'll get something fantastic you wont want to get rid of.. never know.

  • Speaking of Terry Dolan.....

  • Not sure about the Dolan, it's the one hanging in the shop and there's a pic on there website!

    Think of getting it and letting BrickLane bikes make me up a bike for £600!

  • stiff as anything, maybe a more relaxed road geometry for commuting?

  • If he's talking about the ones we have in the shop.... he means the Alu Dolan tracks..... they are like a Langster.... and quite expensive. I don't think he means the one steel one we have as that is quite a pro track racers frame, and has a price tag that reflects that....

  • ahhhh, too slow, sorry.... one of the newer Dolan frames! They are nice colours..... £600 is a decent price for a first, as it's not as shit as an off the peg, but it's not as hardcore as a Mercian ,or a Jackson....

  • I'm liking this one:

    Any idea how much?

  • I wouldn't reccommend riding round Wapping, to many bloody cobbles!

  • Have cobbles right outside the flat!

    I'm a pavement warrior for a while!!!

  • I'm on Wapping Wall!!!!

    I've emailed them over the weekend and not had anything back!!!!

  • I've sent him a txt!

    Where you going after the Basin?

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Frame for Life! (Dolan, maybe)

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