Minivelo porn

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  • They have some old Somas and a few Gios minis (still in their boxes).

    Plus a bunch of cheaper Sillgeys.

  • Would love to turn one of these into a folder for commuting. (If I had to commute) #heresey

  • So this happened.

    Needed something small, fun and practical(?) for around town after selling most of my bikes.

    Bought 2nd hand from London Recumbents, Tom at Hesson Labs fitted track drops and Arup built the wheels. Kitted out with what was left after the sales spree.

    Now just need a sunny day.

  • That is a beaut! I really want one of these someday

  • Mistakenly posted this in the wrong thread!

    A short (5'-5' 2") older relative is planning on moving into a camper and was asking about a bike.

    A mini-velo or a Brompton seem like sensible options so the bike isn't attached to the rear.

    Not sure of their budget. It'll be the last bike they buy so they said they're happy not to skim. But to a non-bike person that's usually means £500-700 rather than £1,5k.

    So my questions are:

    Is a mini velo actually smaller and lighter than a normal bike?
    Is a mini velo better than a Brompton?
    Does anyone have otp recommendations? (it would have to have decent gearing for a 60yo onwards)


  • In his situation, and especially as a non-bike person I think a Brompton would be more suitable.

    My minivelo is a little bit lighter than the full size ones it replaced.

    I mainly put it together to add some fun to my life and take up less space.

    Really difficult to find otp minivelos but you could try Tokyo Bike in London or London Recumbents who have built Gios minis (see my pics up thread).

  • I'd be a little wary of a Brompton just because they are so nickable. The good thing about a Brompton is you can carry it with you instead of locking it up. The bad thing about a Brompton is you HAVE to carry it with you instead of locking it up!

    What sort of riding will they do - 75K rides or pootling to nearby pubs and shops?

  • Orbea Katu could be a good option for them. Some very sorted OTP builds with dynamos etc.

    That said, my experience a minivelo is a bit lighter and a bit easier to move around, but nothing compared to an actual folder.

  • @hippybrokenbetty

    Pootling to nearby pubs and shops. Possibly some leasure(?) rides. Nothing a Brompton couldn't handle. But they are a bit heavy and as much as I love them, I was just wondering if they were the right tool for the job.

    @³|MA3K and @Belagerent - good points. Availability is what I was struggling with. I'm sure in Japan or Saul it would be a different matter.

  • I'm 5' 1.5" and it's spot on size for me.

    (Yeah, 1.5" . At this end of the scale every 0.5" matters)

  • I like Kingpins :)


    I was sad when I sold mine. I've still got a pair of correct size Sun alu rims in store for when I finally buy another. The plan was to replace the steel components for normal modern alu ones to get the weight down to where it should be. Would want a non-folder next time tho.

  • Couple of orbea katu on eBay right now

  • I found a Dawes Kingpin group on Facebook and joined them for a ride down the Thames today. 50k on a Kingpin, and I feel it!

  • Has anyone built up a fixed Neutrino yet?

  • Found this on aliex.. Sort of want it just to mess around with..

    (Can’t embed pic for some reason..)

  • Orbea Katu and a Donky on eBay, both ~£350 currently.

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Minivelo porn

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