Minivelo porn

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  • dicki horrible why ride one of those when you can ride a nice aethetically pleasing properly sized one
    the day i see a rider ride the tour de france on one then i'll think again ( but still think they look horrible )
    that one above looks like it has nitrous bottles i presume for the rider rather than the engine ( because it doesn't have an engine )

    You ain't going to see that any time soon... I think the UCI changed the rules to ban Moultons dontcha know.

  • I've got an A-bike. I've also got a scar on my chin from the time I tried to ride it drunk!

    Sobriety permitting, they aren't as hard to ride or as dangerous as they look, but they're only really good for short distances.

  • Time for some minivelo love I think.

    Basically I saw that Dunhill have produced a bike in association with Moulton yesterday. It's a beautiful thing in coated stainless steel. My only complaint is the gears. I'd be happy with a single speed one though, with a rear carrier, drop bars, brooks saddle and tape and mudguards. I would even buy a pair of brogues to ride the thing. The height of British cycling I think (at the moment, while I lust after it).

    And it reminded me of a section of the Chifg forum bike porn thread where someone posted some minivelo bikes with HED wheels and all of the bling, the scene being very alive in Japan still.

    So here's a selection of minivelo's, and towards the end one that resembles the Moulton NS series that I'm lusting after... though I'd want single-speed at least or ideally fixed-gear.

    Mmmm, jet powered Rintendo, the "Fire Trick BOB":

    Minivelo meets SF:

    And for the ridiculous, the Rintendo "Robin". It's a stock bike too, not some one off or show thing:

    To the sublime... short-wheel base minivelo:

    And this is basically what I'm lusting after at the moment:

    Other Moultons:

    I like the road bicycle with the 20" wheels and green tires, and the white 1x8, looks like a folding bike. The track velo with the little wheels was great too. These are extremely rare in USA.

  • liking the 2nd to last moulton, white and burly looking.... hmmmn tasty

  • is that 20" arrospok???!!!!
    i'm gonna build such a blingin bmx! ;-)

  • MMMmmmm Moultons.

    Was down at Two n Fro ( ) yesterday and got into a conversation about the virtues of minivelo bikes. I'm still of the opinion that they're dead cool for the urban jungle and have some great virtues.

    Karta @ Two n Fro has his own minivelo style bikes in the works, and of course the polo friendly Sillgey Piccolo is out there:

    But seeing that the Moultons are such design classics and have set some speed records, they still have my attention.

    Besides... separable frames do it for me:

    Remove the pin in the middle, and undo a lock nut... done.

    It should be possible to convert one of these to fixed too. The rear triangle has very little travel and is connected to the BB in a dead straight line which I think should keep the chain tension pretty even.

    I want one.

  • i've got a massive thing for moultons!

  • sebs mini velo

    how does that seat post not bend it must have at least 2cm inside the frame

    or it it an idoor rolla bike

  • london langster mini velo


    did anyone see max's wierd little 20 inch wheels bike he used at brick to brix some japanese track bike that would go well in this thread

  • Just digging this up.. Saw this:

    Need more!

  • I'm slowly trying to turn this into some thing good. I don't know weather to put drops on it as Sturmey archer do a bar end shifter.­photos-ak-prn2/981747_10153015198880315_­1574034966_o.jpg

  • These all make me feel weird.

  • Csepel Royal Frisco / £300
    Get in touch /

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  • I'd get a Hooligan for hijinx in a heartbeat if I had the funds...­kes/fitness-urban/urban/hooligan/hooliga­n-1

  • Sorry to revive this thread, but do you know any decent minivelo (fixed gear) frames at least with 4130 crmo tubing? In EU ofc. Thanks

  • Asking a similar question to a few people 'on here'.

    Can anyone direct me to a seller who will be able to provide me with a mini velo frame, decent tubing. I want to turn it into a mini velo shopper of death. Maybe even geared, con basket/rack.


  • Raleigh Twenty (non-folding) or Dawes Kingpin is probably your cheapest bet. If not Soma do one.

  • Nice one, thanks.

  • mini velo shopper of death

    I built one for my girlfriend starting from a MBK formula one

  • My Diana

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  • More of my princess

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  • Mine is looking like this now.
    Shimano nexus rear wheel 3 gears and hub brake.

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Minivelo porn

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