Minivelo porn

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  • Time for some minivelo love I think.

    Basically I saw that Dunhill have produced a bike in association with Moulton yesterday. It's a beautiful thing in coated stainless steel. My only complaint is the gears. I'd be happy with a single speed one though, with a rear carrier, drop bars, brooks saddle and tape and mudguards. I would even buy a pair of brogues to ride the thing. The height of British cycling I think (at the moment, while I lust after it).

    And it reminded me of a section of the Chifg forum bike porn thread where someone posted some minivelo bikes with HED wheels and all of the bling, the scene being very alive in Japan still.

    So here's a selection of minivelo's, and towards the end one that resembles the Moulton NS series that I'm lusting after... though I'd want single-speed at least or ideally fixed-gear.

    Mmmm, jet powered Rintendo, the "Fire Trick BOB":

    Minivelo meets SF:

    And for the ridiculous, the Rintendo "Robin". It's a stock bike too, not some one off or show thing:

    To the sublime... short-wheel base minivelo:

    And this is basically what I'm lusting after at the moment:

    Other Moultons:

  • they all remind me of stick insects

  • I need to rinse my eyes out..

    Are these 20"-wheeled 'road' bikes?

  • Owww... eye's hurt, must get pointed stick.

    Seriously, that is one shedload of really ugly mutoid nastiness... and a few pretty Moultons at the end. When you get your New Series Moulton can I have a go? Not sure I want to try the rocket ship though..?

  • I'd love one of those Moultons. Saying that I'd probably ride any of those bikes.

    I've actually bidded on a few Sinclar A Bikes. Luckily I keep loosing but I'd actually quite still like one.

  • Moulton are from Bradford On Avon where my missus is from. They have a smallish warehouse place there. Rich family apparently.
    Not really that interesting but I couldn't find any other discussions I wanted to post on.

  • Good effort, Dunwich

  • When I was a kid my dad used to tell me about this guy called "Alex Moulton" who'd designed a great bike. I was convinced the guy was just one of my dads mates who'd literally made one bike and it was good.

  • this makes me feel weird, like looking at midget porn.

  • Imagine getting taken by one of them up Clerkenwell road..

  • "Taken roughly from behind.."

  • Tone drops a notch.

  • They all look so horrible!

  • hippy "Taken roughly from behind.."

    MA3K Tone drops a notch.

    Tone probably raises in the trebles and lowers in the bass, and the lycra bursts open to reveal a pink shirt with most buttons undone.

  • velocity boy

    My controller at OYB used to ride something just like this in the 80's. 20" wheels, custom built 531 frame.

  • horrible why ride one of those when you can ride a nice aethetically pleasing properly sized one
    the day i see a rider ride the tour de france on one then i'll think again ( but still think they look horrible )
    that one above looks like it has nitrous bottles i presume for the rider rather than the engine ( because it doesn't have an engine )

  • What is that on the end of the bars on the right?

  • Also this one seems to have a rear hub brake:

  • i have no idea what the bike above is. all i know is, the japanese make crazeee stuff.

  • @ tallsam - you're keen-eyed!
    I believe Thats a brake lever that goes in the end of your bars..
    ..popular in the 90s?

    EDIT - here it is - made by PROFILE + available from nashbar..

  • cheers.

    I have to say that looks pretty daft. Can't see how effective that would be.

    I remember some guy on fgg had a bike where he'd cabled up his front brake to a gear lever. Pretty daft. Unless you want a parking brake in which case its probably a good thing, but who the fuck needs a parking brake on a bike (maybe if you had a more than 2 wheeled bike)

  • tallsam
    I've actually bidded on a few Sinclar A Bikes. Luckily I keep loosing but I'd actually quite still like one.

    Yeah, I kinda want one of those A bikes.

  • photoben [quote]tallsam
    I've actually bidded on a few Sinclar A Bikes. Luckily I keep loosing but I'd actually quite still like one.

    Yeah, I kinda want one of those A bikes.[/quote]

    Yeah, you'll want one until you try riding one, hit a 1mm deep pothole and have the whole thing collapse a little bundle permanently trapping your right foot and ankle. Or try turning a corner and get flipped over the handlebars and find that little lego-brick joke of a saddle rammed permanently up your butt. A-bikes are dumb.

  • Oh. I haven't ridden one yet. I was hoping that wasn't the case.

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Minivelo porn

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