Peugeot Touring Seat Post Dilemma

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  • Nice bump... from October 2008...

  • sorry to resurrect this again, but is the decathalon post a micro-adjustable one? There's no picture on the website!

  • Its pretty standard I think, with the more modern kind of fixture at the top (not one of those awful olde style ones)
    It looks pretty much like this one, but silvery coloured:­29mm-3888174/

  • ok nice one, i was hoping on getting a nice campy piece but looks like this is as good as i can get! Thanks mate

  • Hi ,
    This is the Decathalon post fitted to my Pug renovation.
    I had to use a cut up coke can to shim it.
    The coke can shim sits slightly down from where you insert the post so you don't see it.
    It works a treat.

    Peugeot after conversion by supergunn, on Flickr



  • Thanks braker, searching for ages for a seat post ot fit my pug peugeot.

  • Or 22.2mm BMX seatpost + 0.9mm brass shim as has been done before.

    I have a Peugeot with a 24mm seatpost with a Brooks B17 stuck on top. The clamp bolt has completely rounded so I'm stuck with the B17. I want to swap it for my Brooks Team Professional and sell the B17. Might have to angle-grinder the seatpost apart, there's no chance of getting a drill in there...

  • Hey all,
    I know this is a flogged thread but I just thought I'd pass on a handy little find I had the other day. I was in Decathlon and spotted a BTwin aluminium seat post they stock. Its 23.4mm and comes with two shims to upsize it to 25 and 27.2mm. I bought it knowing it may be too thin (0.6mm) to try on my Pug as I was in need of a post. However, being a steel frame I managed to tighten it up nicely without too much strain on the frame. Oh, and did I mention its £12.99.­2mm-seatpost-id_8026402.html

  • You made a thread about your satisfaction regarding finding a wrong sized seatpost you force fitted to your frame?

  • idiots like you are the reason when ever I buy an old steel frame the seat tube is always deformed.

  • actually there is absolutely no damage to the seat tube and there is still at least 2mm of room in the clamp. I might just go get an even smaller one for the fun of it.... thanks for the complement!!!!!

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Peugeot Touring Seat Post Dilemma

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