Which Chain? (Chains / Size / Width / Wear)

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  • What size chain do you use - 1/8 or 3/32?

    Just enquiring as i'm finally converting my ss to fixed and am going to replace the chainring and chain so none of it worn to begin with :)

    Anyone recommended any nice chainrings? Must be in black to match my cranks :P The sugino messenger looks alright, as does the Thorn single chainring.

  • 1/8 for sure, Condor do a reversible black chain ring, apparently when it's worn out on on side you can flip it, thus getting twice the wear. My girlfriend has one, doesn't look bad for Condor branded kit. Not cheap but then chain rings arn't

    EuroAsia sprocket 1/8, does what it says on the packet

    Izzumi V Super Toughness great chain, great packet, the bog standard Izzumi is also excelent

    Assuming your chain line is absolutely straight this set up will create a deadly silent Ninja™ bike capable of moving through the traffic as gracefully as Fred Astaire on Crystal Meth..

  • check out the cranks here

  • Many track bicycles use a wider chain than is common on multi-speed bicycles. Derailer-type chain has a nominal internal width of 3/32". Single-speed bicycles, including most track bicycles, use the wider 1/8" size. You can buy fixed-gear sprockets in both sizes.
    I would generally advise using the 3/32" (derailer) size. It is lighter, more compatible with your existing chainwheels, and likely to run smoother if the chainline is less than perfect, due to beveled side plates. In my experience, 3/32" chain is no less durable or reliable than 1/8".


    I use both types. No preference towards either. Just make sure your driveline is the same, ie. 3/32 sprockets with 3/32 chain.
    You 'can' mix and match but some people complain of noise, etc.

  • I have a 3/32 chain ring and 1/8th cog, hence 1/8 th chain and have had no problems with my chain ring.

  • How do you say 3/32 and 1/8 ?! I never know.

  • three thirty two

    one eighth

  • Right. I really have no idea how all this imperial measurement stuff works. Whats does 3/32 even mean? The width of the chain... but how do u measure that with a ruler?

  • could get a micrometer. 3/32 is one inch divided by 32 times 3. its just the thinner chain. there's only 2 sizes, really.

  • ok, ta hippy. I wasn't sure whether to go for 1/8th or 3/32th or not.

    anyone recommend a 3/32th chain for fixed purposes?

    i'd like to keep it all 3/32th - since i've only been using my chainring for about a month, 8-10 miles a day so the wear the on the ring is going to be minimal. Plus it makes me super-stealthy and quiet.

  • they're all the same. a chain is a chain.

  • three thirty seconds 3/32nds

  • Actually not all 3/32 chains are the same. The ones for 9 and 10 speed systems are thinner cos the gears are so tightly packed and so sometimes don't work on 3/32 track and SS stuff.

    I'd receommend sram chains cos they are good quality and master links are easy to use. pc-48 is the lowest quality, pc-58 is better, pc-68 is better again. They're all pretty good - the better models are a bit more expensive and (maybe) a bit stronger and/or corrosion resistant.

  • Grain of salt in hand as with all advice..

  • you can lighten your bike up by using 3/32 chain and sprocket/chain ring instead of the 1/8 bog chains.

    1/8 chain on 3/32 sprocket/chainring is slightly more tolerant of a chainline that is slightly off.

  • Of course I try to fit the Condor sprocket tonight and forget it's 1/8th which compliments oh so poorly the 3/32 chain!
    Sh1tsticks! Nutha chain? Nutha cog? Blurgh.. I'm going back to gears.. ;-)

  • you shouldn't say such an evil thing hippy :P

  • Tired = Evil Hippy (and I really should be riding the road bike more but the fixies are soo much fun)

  • Just wondering if anyone knows where to source coloured chains, looking for a white one in particular.

  • Nick one off the London Langster?

  • ha ha good point ill take one for a test run and bring it back chainless with a blank look on my face.

  • I've always used 3/32 (I pronounce it three thirty tooths, but then I think I'm funny). It's easier to get chainrings in that size. If you're starting from the ground up though, and you don't mind a little extra weight, then I'd imagine that 1/8 chainrings and sprockets must last longer than the thinner ones.

  • I had a 1/8 chain and ring, and a 3/32 sprocket.
    Silence was golden.

  • Connex Wipperman do coloured chains, not sure if there's a white one though.

  • I reckon it'd be hard to get a white one, it'll look really grubby very quickly.

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Which Chain? (Chains / Size / Width / Wear)

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