Homeless people unite!?!

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  • I'd want to stay around brixton or anything south-ish :D

  • there is blatantly going to have to be about 3 fgss houses

  • and your ALL gonna be locked in your own rooms on your computers, speaking to each other on here..... 8^P

  • Fscking fixed geeks! :P

  • i will have a room in my place available mid to late sept open eneded preference for a female but will consider any sex / species
    90 quid all in

  • i can wear a dress dicki and i could have a tail grafted on best of all worlds then!
    whereabouts is it?? and for how long?

  • open ended stratford east end
    ah a man in a dress theres nothing thats looks finer

  • would be well up for a warehouse, and have lived in and converted them before. wont be back in the uk for atleast 3 months from september though... stupid visas.

  • ah the old country!
    whereabouts in stratford dicki? wouldn't mind a look if you don't mind?
    i lived in stratford for 20 odd years on and off (thatched house)

  • yeah about 200m from there back towards maryland station a bit
    the current tenant is planning on leaving around mid sept i will have more firm plans around the time she leaves
    i'll keep you posted
    you are house trained / broken aren't you !?!?!

  • i am broken!

  • badders - you going to the snow tonight?

  • no mate you prob know that by now though!

  • is this happening people????

  • yo matt sorry to hear that, i also have a f**ked up tale to tell!
    i'm up for a meet maybe sunday afternoon if not deffo early in the week what do you think?
    i try and look on here every day but my mob is 07808726602 just incase


  • ha ha ha ha no i never shagged her mum

    i've got 2 weeks approx

    not even sure i'm gonna make polo
    try and give me a bell at some point tomo


  • hm.. l o l..

  • shoreditch, close to brick lane really nice place to. all bike boys and one girl.
    let me know when your next on a ride will tag along.

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Homeless people unite!?!

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