Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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  • WF1000XM3

    I returned mine after getting tired of one earphone routinely losing connection to the other – only one connects to the source and then the other earphone connects to that (since fixed, maybe). I loved the sound and found the noise cancelling to be pretty good, but the tap controls were fiddly. And isn't there an audio setting tweak to combat wind noise?

    Anyway, I replaced them with the Airpods Pro and i think they're better in every way, apart from the colour.

  • an audio setting tweak to combat wind noise

    I think that's only for audio playback (it works pretty well), not the microphone.

  • Ah. I had a vague recollection of it being something to do with adjusting the noise cancellation to allow some noise through, but it was 2 years ago now and I can't remember. The microphones were dire, though – useless for calls (again, unlike the Airpods Pro).

  • Still really happy with my 65t's. it's second pair now after the first died following well over a year of daily constant use. Was going to upgrade, but that they're on 85t's now, the 65's were less than £50. The only thing I'm missing is wireless charging in the case (I got some cheap buds that had it, loved that feature, the buds themselves were shite).

  • Sennheiser doing their football offer again:


    I got some momentum 2 over ear in 2018 for half price after the Panama game with this so it's legit. Just hope England put 3+ past Germany...

  • I've had the Momentum 3 bluetooth for a few months, and while I don't hate them I wouldn't consider buying I new pair if I lost these. My main gripe is the weight. You know how you usually forget you've got headphones on and only notice when someone starts speaking to you and you can't hear them? Momentum 3 are not those kind of headphones, they are way too bulky for me to ever become unaware that I've got them on.

    I haven't tried all the competitors, but overall I don't notice a greater degree of noise reduction than I get from my much cheaper AKGs. It's the same level of reduction in terms of volume and detail, just with better quality/clarity of the music itself.

    The most annoying thing how you have to switch off the bluetooth on all gadgets in the room, other than the unit you're listening to. If you don't, the Momentums will promiscuously jump from gadget to gadget without rhyme or reason. I am not able to explain it well, but there are a few threads on Reddit discussing this phenomenon. I recommend you read those first if you consider buying the Momentum 3s.

    The only positive for me is the slightly biased sound. It is my understanding that Sennheiser often get bad reviews for a bass heavy as opposed to a neutral sound, but thats perfectly fine with me. A matter of taste I guess.

  • May have to do some long train journeys soon, so dug out my 2 sets of IEMs. Both are broken but possibly repairable:

    Sennheiser IE 80 - the nozzle has come off. Thinking about gluing it back or buying replacement but noticed google says these IEMs now sell for about £30 on wish.com (were quite high end and expensive originally). Seems suspiciously cheap. Genuine?

    Cheaper set of Meelectronics A161P something or other - cable frayed where it joins the right headphone. Fixable? I might have a go anyway, but reckon I'll need to cut into the housing of the headphone to expose more of the wire.

  • Anyone after some Bose SoundTrue Ultra earphones?


    Bought them for running but then used Airpods so these have just sat unused on the shelf for a couple of years. Look to be about £60 on eBay.

    includes the little earphone pouch and two sets of unused earbuds (the large and small sizes - medium are on atm)

    £35 posted?

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  • Bose Soundsport, really really hate them. The earbuds do not work for me.
    Replaced with Aftershokz for running but the Bose, even on the turbo, slip out constantly.

    My favourite headphones are my wired Shure SE215 with comply tips. Is there a sport equivalent wireless headphone that uses foam tips? Comply tips sell a sport version but I think I'd kill the SE215 pretty quickly(?).

    These are tempting at the now reduced price:

  • I tried a few pairs. The Bose stayed in my ears well but then Apple did away with the headphone jack. Had some Plantronics Backbeat somethings which were... fine. Passable fit, passable sound. Nothing special. Ran with them enough to kill them with sweat.

    If Aftershokz hadn't decided to split out the range into a pair with storage but no bluetooth for swimming, and a pair with bluetooth but no storage for running, then I'd have bought a pair already. But I'm annoyed that they've decided it needs to be 2 products for no (good) reason

    I ran with Shure SE215s for a while actually and they held up well and sound great. Still have them on the shelf and I'm loathe to get rid of them despite not using them anymore.

    Those wireless ones look interesting. Bit annoying their pricing is so weird - se215 earbuds with wireless adapters £125.

    wireless adapters without any earbuds £165 🤦♂️

  • I had a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 over ears that I was happy with, but have given them away to a friend. I now need to replace them and have seen there’s a new version - Sony WH-1000XM4. Anyone with first hand experience think they’re worth the extra £.

    Or are there other NC over ears that I should have on the shortlist? I’m a TV/Film editor and need good quality sound now I’m WFH.

    Criteria - Very good NC. Over ear. Able to connect via BT and cable. Under £300.


  • I ran with Shure SE215s for a while actually and they held up well and sound great.

    Good to know!

    Those wireless ones look interesting. Bit annoying their pricing is so weird - se215 earbuds with wireless adapters £125.

    wireless adapters without any earbuds £165 🤦♂️

    Yup, this pricing makes no sense!

    My wired SE215 spend a lot of time plugged into a Playstation controller, won't be the worst thing ever to own 2 pairs.

  • Anyone bothered with custom IEM sleeves? Picked up some Shure Aonic 215, really impressed but even with foam comply tips, the fit on my right ear is not quite perfect & it bugs me. Don't get me wrong, it is vastly better than anything I've used before. Spendy..

  • Update on my Aftershokz Aeropex:

    They started to rattle horribly after 18 months, as whatever driver / motor inside had apparently come away from the outer shell on both sides.

    Contacted customer support, and they are replacing them free of charge, no questions asked.

  • Has anyone any experience with the Mifo 05 PLUS gen 2?
    The reviews seem ok but trusting internet reviews doesn't...
    I'm after treating myself to my first pair or wireless earbuds to make my sorry arse run again

  • Had a look on the scarbir site mentioned earlier and he recommends the EarFun air pro for £50.
    I'm hoping to connect to a Garmin forerunner 245 music watch...
    Thanks for any thoughts

  • After waterproof Bluetooth earbuds with a wire connecting them, rather than “true wireless”.
    Without wanting to break the bank are there any decent options? I bought my wife some Anker ones but the speaker screen seems to have broken, so I don’t imagine they’re very waterproof any more.

  • Bluetooth over ear phones: what's out there that has good sound and isn't overly sensitive* - apple and Sony, although generally at the top of many lists, seem to both be subject to this. Change my mind or suggest good alternatives.
    On ear might be okay, though I find my Momentum ll to be uncomfortable.

    • As in interrupting music if you turn your head too fast or adjust the position.
  • I've lost my Airpod Pros. Which is annoying.

    Before I buy the same again, what alternatives for someone that

    owns and will continue to own an iPhone
    wants completely wireless earphones
    will use them almost exclusively with said iPhone, and with streamed stuff like Spotify, BBC Sounds, Netflix, podcasts etc.
    values decent sound and convenience above audiophile quality kit
    thought the Airpod Pros were pretty good for their intended purpose

  • Just get the AirPod pros - ive had several other pairs of headphones but they’re just much better than anything else as a very good do it all

  • I know that’s maybe not quite what you wanted !

  • I agree. I am an audiophile I guess but these things are just flawless. I don't see how anything can come close. Zero regrets with my purchase.

  • I'm happy if the answer is still Airpod Pros -they did the job very well and I almost bought a replacement set 5 mins before posting. If someone else had posted the question I'd have suggested them too. Just thought worth the ask

  • I've recently got some Jabra elite 85h, cos I couldn't stretch to the sonys.

    Bluetooth is rock solid and they haven't interrupted once in the 3 weeks I've had them, using all day every day. The microphone for phonecalls is good too, and seems to be pretty good at suppressing environmental noise while on phonecalls.

    They don't sound as good as my Denon AH-GC30s which crapped out after 18 months, but reasonably priced and sound fine.

  • Thanks, will take a look at those.

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Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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