Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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  • My old sennheiser hd 25s have not appreciated being used 5 times a week for turbo sessions this year and have died. What would make good closed back headphones for turbo use - need to block out the noise of the turbo, and can’t be wireless headphones.

  • Why can't my desk be as tidy as that? 🐖💩

    Has anyone tried the new Pixel Buds? I'm very close to pulling the trigger but would love to hear they're absolutely fabulous before I click the buy button... TIA!

  • Which shop? Looking at a pair for my other half too.

  • Coincidentally they are on sale at the moment.


    I’m considering them, but:

    I already have HD-25sps. However they are a good 20 years old and are actually the British Airways freebies that were given out on Concord. How much better can I expect the 25s to be vs the sp?

    Secondly, they’d be purely for DJing. I like that the cable is on one side, but I’m actually not sure that the headband is better for mixing, at least not at home where I do all my mixing now and probably forever. Reason being, is that I will often have them, cup facing upward, on my shoulders - and just crank my neck briefly to monitor. Although I have been mixing more in headphones and am planning to be able to use ‘split-cue’ in future.

    So, am I buying these because they are on sale, or are they a worthwhile upgrade?

    I understand that the cups/drivers themselves are technically different - and who knows if the BA ones are different still - but I’m not technical enough to know how impedance, sensitivity and distortion are going to manifest themselves in how good they are to mix with...

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  • I had the opposite problem in that when i went to take the earphones out the foam pops off and stays lodged in my ear. I've got a standard pack of comply tips i'm gonna try....

  • Wireless ear buds are amazing until you lose one! I’ve been searching for hours and working on the theory that if I order some new ones the old one will show up I have ordered the Cambridge audio melomania 1 for £80. Is there any reasons I shouldn’t buy them? They have great reviews and seem good for the money.

  • Currently looking at the buds. Did you end up buying them?

  • After some sub £100 over ear headphones for Mrs sacred to use round the house for Bluetooth podcasts/ music and watching films on the tv.
    Was looking at these


    These seem decent for the money

    But I know nothing about headphones.
    What do you think?

  • I have some Sennheiser Momentum Wireless that are pretty much unused that I should sell. They were about £250 new. Can find the details if you’re interested. £100 posted as they’re better sold than on my shelf for another year.

  • sennheiser hd 25s

    Have a look at Etymotic. They are essentially earplugs with audio. Even without playing any
    music they will block out most background noise and you can play your music at lower levels.
    They are also small and light so will not fall out or be affected by sweat.

  • Any hive mind recommendations for wireless earbuds with no band, Bluetooth and under £50 with good battery life. I know this has probably been answered before but there are many pages on this thread. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Anker and Mpow tend to be good at the lower end of the pricescale. Or there's these which look decent https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-Bluetooth-­Headphones-resistance-Assistant-Black/dp­/B086LKXYMD

  • Er2xr’s are fantastic vfm. I have admittedly sold mine as I didn’t need the isolation sitting at my desk at home but if I wanted silence, I’d buy them again in an instant.

  • I would go with the fiil t1 lite. They sound really good.

  • Nah, I bought a fuzz pedal instead... 🤷🏻♂️ Was waiting for Black Friday deals, think I'll wait til the new year...

  • Looking for some wired earbuds with lightning connector. Lots of new, sealed box urBeats3 on eBay for around the £20-£25 mark. Are these likely to be genuine or counterfeit?

    Ideally I want a new pair of Sennheiser CX200s (even more ideally if I’d want the CX200 driver units on an equal Y with a lightning connector) but I’ve had a string of counterfeit ones and I can’t find anywhere I trust to sell me gennies. I know this is rife in the Sennheiser world, maybe it’s just made me overly suspicious.

  • Been a big fan of the Bose QC35's for the last couple of years until now. One of the bolts that holds the cup to the band has fallen out and to be informed that a screw isn't a serviceable part and you have to buy another pair is fuckin mind boggling.

    Shite CS from Bose too. Will probs buy a pair of sonys next if i cant get something to reattach the cup.

  • Just on the off chance, does anybody have a pair of the Sony WH-1000XM3s (or similar) lying around which they'd be happy to sell on...? My old ones have finally given up the ghost.

  • Bought a pair of Sony WF-1000XM3's because I was fed up of wearing my B&W PX over my glasses, but I think I'm going to have to send them back though as the noise cancelling is almost non-existent!

    I've heard people describe it as amazing/the killer feature but it basically doesn't seem to work for me. I'm wondering if it's my big ears again, I bought some Comply tips as the included tips were all too small but they're still not very tight. I suspect there's not enough of a seal for the ANC to work...

  • The Sennheiser Momentum II were next on my list. But as I started looking around yesterday I realise there is now a Momentum 3 available.
    But 3 has a significantly lower RRP than II had back in the day, so just wondering if I am missing something. Is 3 a worthy next generation or a stripped down version in some respect?

  • I've got both the Sennheiser Momentum II and 3 headphones. The II's are great headphones. But, the 3's are a whole step change better with the sound. There's a noticeable difference in quality when I switch between them.

    The 3's have two really annoying "features" which stop them from being amazing headphones. There's a sensor in the right ear cup which pauses whatever you're listening to if you move it from your ear. Even if I move it a little just to hear something. And to turn the headphones off, you have to fold them. There's no "on" switch. This is really annoying when your partner forgets to fold them, and you head out and find the battery is dead. Oh, and if was listening to something on my iPad and haven't closed the tab or app properly eg; Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music etc, when you turn them on it'll connect instantly and start playing whatever you were last listening to. This is annoying when you have no idea where your iPad is and wanted to listen to something else on your phone. They do sound amazing though.

  • And if my budget could be stretched to B&O Beoplay H9 3.0 – should I?

    EDIT: For anyone else with the same question, pretty much everyone on Reddit favour the Sennheisers over the B&Os.

  • Lots of new, sealed box urBeats3 on eBay for around the £20-£25 mark. Are these likely to be genuine or counterfeit?

    Update on this. I took a chance on a set. Seem to be genuine so don’t know what the score is.

    I like the sound. I like that the cords don’t tangle. However (1), they’re near impossible to keep in your ears when moving around. You know, fundamental movements like walking. The cords are basically too stiff and any movement quickly pulls them out your ears. This is annoying. However (2), I found when running in a beanie hat over my ears in the cold, the hat actually holds them in place; whereas when I’ve run in a hat before, other ear buds tend to get worked loose by the hat. And the straps on my face mask hold them just in the right place - so this is temporarily quite handy.

    Overall, they’re a stop gap, but not a permanent solution.

  • I've just found out that the annoying "auto-pause" feature on the Sennheiser M3's can actually be turned off!

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Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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