Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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  • Odd, and completely different to my experience of them.
    Had them long? Get them swapped out for a fresh pair as they seem faulty?

  • Bose QC35ii

    Do they work ok connected to another device? I have a pair and they work fine with both my iPhone and Mac. Obvs the sound isn’t much to write home about but you don’t buy them for that.

  • I was given a pair for xmas too. Am really impressed, the noise cancellation is impressive and using them at much lower volumes because of it.

    One of those items I wouldn’t have bought for myself but now wouldn’t want to be without.

  • Yeah - I’d bought 4 pairs of different in earbuds this year but not the AirPods because of the tips, no ANC, looks etc

    First pair of Sony’s I killed in the wash
    2nd pair cheap amazons jobbies died from sweat
    3rd pair Cambridge Audios (bought off @JB are ok and still use but quite bulky - if anyone wants I’ll give you good price)
    4th pair Jabra sports - I bud just gave up. Need to send them back under warranty but bought in HK and Jabra are being annoying about returning.

    And now have the AirPods - they do everything very well. You can easily just leave them in all the time but trying to avoid doing this. Just got a Garmin 945 so will be able to see how they pair with that rather than phone...

    • Audio Technica
  • Oh yeah 🤷♂️

  • I got a set of Tin Audio T4s just before going in holiday. The MMCX cable got bust as my other half tried to step over me and cable on the airplane. Before I'd even really listened to them. Snapped the 3.5mm jack in half. A bit annoyed I was.

    So, I need a replacement MMCX cable. Any recommendations?

  • Any recommendations?

    new partner time?

  • Annoying.


    Anything made by Linsoul that fits the bill at the price point you want. They are the Tin manufacturer.

  • @ChainBreaker how weird, my QC35's work fucking excellent... have you installed the app and made sure the firmware is updated?

  • Yes and yes.

    I have also denied it access to WiFi and data uploads...

  • I'm pretty unimpressed with QC35 IIs, I'm sure the QC35 Is that I lost were better. When using them for just noise cancelling the hiss is definitely louder. It could also be that I've read loads of reviews saying the firmware update made it worse. I haven't had any problem with them disconnecting though.

    I bought the Sonys to try as well, the anc seemed a bit better but music sounded a bit worse. The lack of physical buttons for controls got on my nerves though so I'm sticking with the Bose.

    Anyone else finding the bose hissy?

  • It's probably the phone. I use Aftershokz Aeropex headphones which kept dropping out very similarly to your description, which used to really piss me off. After I changed my phone to a higher spec phone (Nokia 7.1 -> Nokia 9), the problem completely disappeared.

  • I have QC35 II’s, an wear them pretty much all day whilst at work. Don’t really find them hissy. Great for me as I have a loud extraction system on regularly, and they cancel it out amazingly. I mostly listen to podcasts and audio books on them. I forget I even have them on after an hour or so.

  • It's fine with continual use moments. But the moment I unlock my phone it has an issue.

  • Don’t unlock your phone then, silly.

  • Other half is thinking of buying some of these:

    Anyone on here got/tried them? Obvious downside is no noise cancelling.

  • I reckon now that AirPod Pro’s exist, it’d be a faux pas to buy anything else but those once you’re spending upwards of £100. Even given the price difference. I’d save and get the Pro’s...

    Appreciate that is no help at all.

  • I’d honestly just get the AirPod pros - having owned several wireless buds. The AirPods are just much better.

    Like JB appreciate that’s not what you’re asking

  • I have them. They sound great. Battery life is excellent. You don't need noise cancelling when you have good isolation.

    Downsides - none of the silicon tips fit my ears and the foamies have degraded a little quicker than others I've used.

  • I own these. I think they sound excellent, the battery life is superb and they fit my ears perfectly.

    Would highly recommend

  • Anyone got Philips Fidelio X2HR? Anything better over ear around £100?

  • I have them, a set of comply tips make them better.

    • Great battery life
    • decent sound (for the price)

    • can't really get the mics to work well

    • turning my head to look behind me while cycling makes them drop connection for a second

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Earphones / Headphones: Where to try, what to buy?

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