What's your favourite gear ratio?

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  • It's OK, but it's not 48/19.

    This should be the only permissible response in this thread.

  • 45/17 (32c tyres, fixed). Easy enough up Powerscroft Rd, fast enough to stay in front of the neon-vest hybrid canal mashers.

  • 48/17 25c

  • Still on 42x16 28c good for cruising along at 18mph, can sprint up to 23mph with out getting to flappy on the bike= short wheelbase and pedal masher at high rpm's.
    Tried 42x15 was a bit meh, will try it again when legs are back from winter slackness.
    42x18 a bit spinny.
    42x17......... might get a sprocket and try that as 18 to spinny, 16 is about right, 15 maybe a bit much for standing starts on the old knees and muddy bridleways.

  • Whatever gets me up to Whitestone Pond...48x18 is about it when in reasonable shape

  • 34/12 40c fixed

  • been riding 45/17 with 32c for commute and 55/16 with 25c velo/training.
    I'm redesigning my fixey fleet to having only 1 bike, with a fixed/fixed rear, and been thinking of combos. One for the street/commuting, one for just general speeding, velo, crits maybe, whatever. 25c tyres.
    46/16or13, 49/17or14, 55/19or16 is what I've been thinking of. I prefer the commute to be a bit easier and the speedy gear to be a bit pushier (I squat), so prefer the 46/16or13.

    Was just wondering, do most of the standard fixeh/track dropouts allow for a 4t difference in the cog without changing the chain? I quite like to spin on commute so even considering 46/17 as an option.

  • 46/18. Although tempted by 46/16. It's a spinners gear for the rolling terrain around my way and I can grind up most inclines with it.

  • Building my first fixed gear at the moment. Will be buying a crankset and cog soon so I was wondering if anyone can help with ratios... I find it all quite hard to understand. I live in Sheffield so it's pretty hilly, what would be the best ratio to get up hills, down them (will be running a front break also), and to skid? Thanks

  • That's an easy one.

    Have a quick read of the 115 pages of this thread and all will become clear.

  • Assuming the crankset will come with a 48t chainring then a 19t or 20t cog will be good for hilly areas.

  • I like this calc http://www.surplace.fr/ffgc/
    Personally found 43/16 a good spinny city gi. Especially for skids.

  • I find myself with 51/21 being perfect, matter of fact I'm quicker!


    Not sure about going bask to 67GI now.

  • Dolan, 48x17
    Nelson, 51x18
    Mash Work, 44x17

  • Work bike 42x16 69GI
    Weekend Bike 48x17 74GI

  • 48x18 gets me up and over Crystal Palace twice a day 5 days a week even when the toddler isn't letting me sleep.

  • 3 Skidpatches, fucks up your tyre pretty fast

  • If possible get a 47t* chainring and 17/18/19t cogs to experiment with

    *prime numbers are the best

  • 48/17 commuter
    44/17 commuter (shit weather)
    47/18 skidder
    49/20 shopper

  • How do you stop if you don't skid?

    By 'stop' I mean 'look a bawss'.

  • I'm putting a 17t freewheel on SS MTB thing I'm building. What flippin size chainring should I run? Want a cruisey ratio.

    And I'm using a Surly singleator - is an oval ring crazy talk or worth trying?

  • Sorry, I'm not down with your youth speak. Cruisey meaning relatively easy, relaxed?

    For SSCX (and mtb I think) a good rule of thumb is 2:1 chainring/sprocket.

    Having said that, I have a 38t chainring paired with a 18t on my cross bike. I like it but gradients can definitely take their toll.

  • Useful info, the chainrings I’m seeing fit that ratio well. Thanks my friend.

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What's your favourite gear ratio?

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