It's quiet without hippy

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  • dont he's got a big enough ego as it is....this must be the 4th discussion about him.......just ignor him and he'll go away

  • Ha ha bloody ha

  • i've just stopped reading his posts life's too short !!

  • I'm baaaaaaaack!

  • oh shit.

    now you're all in trouble

  • ahhh

  • so how was Polska Polska?

    cold? empty? vodkarey?

  • I can't remember.. was drunk for most of it :)

    Nah, was good. Pics will go up later for those bored voyeuristic fsckers out there.
    Weather was nice up north but down south pissing down just like here.
    More vodkas sampled. More Polish words learned. Nice.

  • cool. and you're back in time for Bridges and medals

  • For what? And wtf is with 258 posts in the bridges thread???? Did we get another million members joining last week or somethin'??

  • Chiquoeh. (or something)
    Went to Krakov a few weeks ago. Did you go there? Beautiful I thought.

  • "back home in time for tea and medals" is from Blackadder

    and yes, the bridges ride has expanded. But watch the drop-outs begin from thursday.
    especially if rain is forecast.

    fuck it, I'm not going in the wet, already got drenched to fuck this week. my waterproofs ain't water proof

  • I was in Krakow briefly last visit. Gf's family lives 70k south of there. This time went to Gdansk, Malbork, Sopot, Warsaw, Makow (gf's).
    I'm out of Bridges, got some twat's birthday drinks on..

  • cnut, it's friday

  • @55 F5UK 541T! It is too.

  • Imageshack arse!

  • Busted.. now you know why I really visited Pole-land.

  • Tumbleweed here while hippy may well be getting some proper tumbleweed stuck in his spokes. :)

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It's quiet without hippy

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