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  • this is how we do it in the shire!


  • aidan you down for it elvis??

    def would be, but i'm tied up this friday. i'd like to see the londonfgss rucking too!

  • it was such a good night!....jehst was amazing....and verb t wasnt bad:)


  • only just saw this thread and i was fucking board last night too....damn

  • Skrein any good? Tis my best friends kid brother.

  • hes fukin excelent live seen him few times

  • JOL Skrein any good? Tis my best friends kid brother.

    i was outside chatting while skrein was on......you've seen him once you've seen him a million times:)
    na....hes good


    its Not free but it should be pretty good!

    anyone who's into Task force(chester p & farma g) kashmere and dj iq is going to love this.....

    60-62 commercial st E1 £6


  • I know there are a few hip hop heads on here but this is a long shot. I've just a found a Polish hip hop compilation that I've had for years. It's a CDR and the person who gave it to me doesn't have the original anymore. Tried using media player to see if any details came up but no joy.

    Really need to find the details for a project. Anyone know anything about Polish hip hop or speak Polish....

  • You can't shine a turd but you can polish hip-hop.

  • yo boss. Me no polish but me know polish language like me own.....boss. You gimme the compilation me ask me polish friendz????

  • no idea mate......

  • i speak polish , what do you need to know ?

  • this might help... http://www.poltran.com

  • cheers people. sol, thanks for the offer. i need to find out who the artists are. if i have no luck on the net i might send you an mp3. maybe you could help me work out what the title is.

  • wasn't MR SHEEN a polish artist...

  • big daddy wayne wasn't MR SHEEN a polish artist...

    That's terrible, Wayne. I think all that sun is getting to you... :p

  • Try asking arsen _design if you can ever track him down. He's Polish, I'm not just making you ask random people. Honest.

  • Cd ??? ?????? ????????? ?? ???

  • ok maybe just bring the music to polo on sunday so we can listen, ask for Agata.

  • Ha, last time I saw hair like that it was flying off someone's head halfway up Poland Street...

  • poland street! genius!

  • ineed
    Not the best attire for alleycats

  • My gf is Polish. She's a rock chick but might be able to ID something?

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Hip Hop

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