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  • Did they, they said they can't help as they've not built any wheels with Hope hubs so don't have a point of reference.

  • I'm building a fixed commuter with a front disc.

    Already have rear hub so just going 32 spokes there but for the front I want to use a hope pro4 hub and a kinlin XR26. I'm going to use a front rack, not to carry super heavy loads just clothes, shoes, lunch etc. I weigh around 70kg.

    Is 32 hole on the front overkill, should I go 28? Is 28 going to be super strong in that format anyway? Should also add I'm going to use a asymmetric front rim.

  • OOH, what does the weight of 4 spokes and nipples, say 25-35g, matter on a commuter?

    OTOH, if 32 is sufficient on the rear then it's arguably too many on the front and there are lots of people commuting on 28 spoked wheels or less.

    Because of swapping wheels for dynamos, punctures, tyres etc, I commute on all combos of 36 and 32 (36r/36f, 32/32, 36/32 and 32/36.

    I'd just build it with 32, unless I already had a 28 hole hub and/or rim I wanted to use.

  • are there end caps to convert novatec front hubs to 12mm TA? if so, whats the best place to source them

  • novatec front hubs

    Which of the dozens of models they have made over the past few years?

  • Send me a pic of the hubs I might have some. Would need a side shot and from above shot.
    What is the axle currently ? Qr or 15mm?

  • Dont use that rim in that drilling. Theres a reason why i dont stock it in 32h spoke -failures at the nipple are common. 24h is fine 32h isnt. Half the wheels i built with this rim asymmetric rears in this drilling broke spokes at the nipple. Rebuilding without interlacing helped but its an odd one as 24h wheels never seem to break. I can't explain it well.

    Use the xr22rts. That what i build with. There is no good reason to use such a deep rim with 32 spoke count. There's enough radial and lateral stiffness from the spokes meaning a shallower rim is fine.

    Also build with sapim hm nipple washers. Kinlin rims like these.

  • Thanks for the info, I was looking at 32hole because that's what I have to work with in terms of hubs without splashing out on new hubs.

    I'll drop you a PM to get your thoughts on recommended parts and spoke lengths for the hub/rim combo.


  • of its the d711sb then good luck
    D771 and D791 end caps exists. I have the d791 end caps. There are other hubs they do.

    To convert to 12mm TA the front hub needs to have push fit end caps.

  • Maybe. Depends which hubs they are. Some are convertible, some aren't. Do you know which model they are? If not, then pics would help.

  • Once you have identified the hub check Prime end caps on CRC and Pinnacle end caps on Evans as they are Novatec I think. Picked up some Pinnacle/Novatec end caps quite cheap from evans.

  • I've found bdop cycling in Taiwan pretty good for Novatec spares in the past


    Also came across this website recently - loads of info / technical drawings on all the hubs http://www.nguide.eu/hubs

  • What ERD/offset did you use when calculating spoke length please? Grabbed a set for my commuter.

  • I threw caution to the wind & used 591 as listed on the site because I'm impatient - actually forgot to include the rim offset into the calculation but when I did it again with a 2mm offset it only made about 0.2mm difference to the length, seems fine - threads are covered by a few turns & no spokes popping through the inside

  • Ta. I measured them at 595. I'll run both values through a calculator and see what the difference comes out at.

  • I’m looking to build a lightweight set of wide 26” wheels.

    Am I foolish to be considering Light Bicycle carbon rims?

    If so, what are my options for sub-500g, >25mm width 26” rims?

  • I am close to order this wheelset.
    As per my limited experience on the topic, would you mind suggesting if the build is reasonable?
    Do you suggest ask LB a particular crossing or let them do their job?


    • Rims: Falcon pro AR45, UD paintless 32H, hook, disc, standard version, with glossy black valve logo only
    • Hubs: 32 holes Son28 Dynamo front (black) centerlock/ 32 holes Chris King R45D (disc) (black) centerlock, shimano road 11S, front 12*100mm/rear 12*142mm
    • Spokes: black sapim sapim race(2.0/1.8/2.0) round
    • Nipples: black brass
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Anyone had any experience with these stands from Aliexpress etc? Popped up a while back for £300+ but they're now appearing around £150, reviews seem pretty positive & £75 less than a park ts2 with added dials

  • This looks good to me (a rookie).

    My only concern would be (as you mention) the lacing pattern. 2x might give better angles than 3x but I'm only guessing. Others here will have a better idea.

  • Thank you mate, always appreciated your input

  • Do you suggest ask LB a particular crossing or let them do their job?

    Let them decide, they have the drilling CAD file in front of them so they'll know what the rims were designed to accommodate.

  • As per my limited experience on the topic, would you mind suggesting if the build is reasonable?

    I hope so, I'm just waiting on rims for a similar build. LB are short on materials or just backed up at the moment. 4 weeks since ordering and the rims still showing in construction. They did email 2 weeks ago advising it would be delayed due to covid bike industry chaos and offered a shipping upgrade. Great communication, I'm not complaining.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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