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  • I've built a few wheels for people on the forum so figured I should do an open offer for a bit to pay for the stand:
    If you bring me hubs, spokes and rims I'll build them for £15 a wheel. I have a tension meter and (now) a truing stand. I've also built 30ish wheels for myself and others so have a decent bit of experience. Based in SW18, contactless delivery only :)

  • I need a new rim for a rear wheel. Hunt Race Aero Wide, 24 hole, 31mm deep, 24mm wide

    I'd like to get a move on with it, I'm waiting to hear from Hunt about a warranty replacement, but they don't have stock for a direct replacement at the moment anyway.

    They charge £79 delivered for the rim, so if I end up having to pay for it, should I go ahead and get something else? I don't want to pay more than that, what's my best bet?

    Edit: apparently their rim is a Kinlin xr31t, so that's my answer I suppose

  • The Hunt rim is a Kinlin XR31T. Direct replacement from Spa Cycles here. I don't believe Hunt use the offset rim (the XR31T OC). Using the offset rear rim would result in a stronger wheel, but you might need new spokes.

  • what's my best bet?

    As always in this thread, the answer is Kinlin XR31[R]T. @cycleclinic seems to be out at the moment, but Spa Cycles seem to have both symmetric and offset in stock in 24H at £50 a go.

  • Wiggle have a selection of their Prime wheels rim only on sale carbon and alu and tubeless/clincher options

  • looking for recommendations for a rear hub.. Shimano, 12x142 ta, steel freehub, 6 bolt disc. tia!

  • How many spokes?

  • 36h preferably, could also go for 32h

  • Do any of the wheelbuilders here have a source for a 36H Suzue Classica frewheel hub 126mm? This is for an '82 Bridgestone, and the current low end shimano hub's cones have seen better days.

    Only option I can find is direct from Japan on alex cycles.

  • 36H Suzue Classica frewheel hub 126mm?

    Does it have to be Suzue? SJSC have the DiaCompe in stock.

  • The DiaCompe appears to be the same model as the VO Grand Cru and the Ambrosio Zenith hubs.

    I liked the Suzue as it didn't have the holes in the flanges as well as it being made in Japan which matches the existing period nitto, sugino and Araya components on the bike

  • 36h preferably

    DT 350 Hybrid jumps through all your hoops for a bit less than Hope

  • Any suggestions for a wide, silver, disc, 32h, tubeless, 26" rim?

  • Is weight an issue?

  • Nah, I've lost 5 kgs during lockdown

  • Any thoughts on the Musson wheel building stand? I'm thinking of building something similar but from aluminum extrusion. Don't see myself building a wheel anytime soon, just want to true for now. All of my wheels have a small wobble of some kind and getting all of them fixed could probably buy me a TS2 but I don't want to spend that.

    I was looking at the Musson stand but I'm not much of a woodworker, so I thought I'd do something similar out of extrusions and use this AliExpress adapter kit to hold all kinds of wheels in place. Found a picture for reference, will probably go for just a single clock for starters though. Anything you'd change about the attached design?

    And from what I've read affordable tension meters are not accurate enough to be worthwhile, so I should just get by without?

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  • Looking to build some new wheels for light-ish touring but cannot seem to find any maximum weight limits for the Kinlin range. Maximum load while be about 130kg (75kg rider + 10kg bike + 20kg luggage + 20% contingency)

    I would like a dynamo front hub, probably SP PV-8 and a Deore rear hub (or anything bombproof I find second hand).

    Thinking 32 spokes front and rear, but undecided on the XR22/26/31 rims.

    I already have a set of XR31 wheels, but do not really need anything that high on the tourer bike. Unless I can find some valid points for getting the 31s over the 22/26.

  • I think Halo do one.

  • I have a rigida sputnik to deore 6 bolt rear wheel going spare if you want. Absolute bombproof wheel

  • Unless I can find some valid points for getting the 31s over the 22/26.

    All things being the same, the deeper rim will be both stronger and stiff, and as a result should have a higher weight limit. A deeper section rim will also go some way to counteract the narrow flange spacing on the dynamo hub too.

  • Unless I can find some valid points for getting the 31s over the 22/26.

    Greater radial stiffness in the deeper rim spreads the load more evenly between spokes.

    If you're on a tight budget, there's nothing wrong with Sputniks apart from the extra ¼lb per wheel, so take @Turkish up on his offer and build a matching front. Heavier tourists than you have been all over the world on Sputniks.

  • Thanks for the offer but forgot to state it’s an older rim brake frame couldn’t stand the uselessness of a disc hub. :(

    Budgeting has come to mind, but the frame needs a respray, possibly an other fork and when I’m at it, a custom stem and racks.

    If I decide to go the Ryde/Rigida route, I might aswell go for the fancy CSS stuff. Although I do want to keep the bike as light as possible while still being able to load it up.

  • I've ridden heavier than that for a reasonable distance on 28h XR31RTS and much heavier for short spells, including a lot of time with a bit old dent in the front from a range rover.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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