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  • Hi I normally use Pro Wheelbuilders.com spoke calculator but you generally need more info than you’ve supplied , do you know the axle width, spoke hole dia flange to centre etc , on their site you can manually put the measurements in but I’m guessing they all do this , hope this helps

  • My main response to @zootsuit would be (as someone who’s tried to build a fair few wheels over the last dozen years, but have got stuck in that going round in circles thing a few times)...

    You’ve got a pretty wobbly starting point at tensioning: when you make changes to lateral true, only work on a few spokes (max 4, say) to improve the three of the worst bulges, not necessarily perfect them. Then go to the three worst on radial. Then back to lateral, etc. The temptation to overwork one process is large, and gets you chasing your tail.

    It’s like an attitudinal shift. You’re working toward straightness as you go. It only appears at the end.

  • Hi
    The measurements you’re missing are:
    Flange>OLN (over lock nut)
    You then work out from those the Flange>centre measurements. Very important to account for any dishing if that applies, but simply a necessary figure for calculators.

    Sheldon and others tell you how to do this.

    Once you have that, with Flange diameter and ERD, edd or other calcs will give you your max spoke length. Round down to the next length of spokes below your figure.

    Let us know if you want more help. #forumalwaysdelivers

  • I'm new to this, but want to try lacing up a wheel. Will take it to a shop to tension/make into an actual wheel.
    The plan is:
    Sturmey Archer HBT30-R (130mm fixed so no dishing)
    WTB KOM i25 27.5

    I've thrown everything into this calculator:
    and it came out with 262.5mm spokes.

    based on:
    effective rim diameter - 544mm
    Pitch Circle Diameter/flange diameter - 61.5mm
    hub centre to flange centre - 33.3mm
    spokes - 32
    pattern - 3x

    Have I missed anything? Does this look okay? I'd round up the spoke size to 263mm wouldn't I?
    And otherwise just need nipples and I can start lacing up?

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • I'd round up the spoke size to 263mm wouldn't I?

    No, you'd round down to 262

  • Fair enough, was just going off what's on Sheldon

    I forgot to ask about nipples, any particular length?
    I was looking at these

  • any particular length?

    Whatever you assumed in your calculation. danstuff's recent experience suggests sticking to the spoke manufacturer's nipples to be on the safe side, which you may get with the spokes from some shops when you're buying spokes individually.
    Personally, I like building with the DT Hex nipples just because it's quicker to get the hex driver onto the nipple than it is to engage a conventional spoke key on the square.

  • I'm going to order the hub and some nipples and work from there, take some more measurements etc. Not in any kind of rush.

  • Bad threads.had it before with sapim custom cut spokes.

  • Shit, I though I commented here earlier but it didn't show up.

    Are you sure ERD is 544mm? I built a 27.5 KOM and ERD was 560-something. It was i19 or i21 though.

  • I built a 27.5 KOM and ERD was 560-something

    Good point well made. WTB KOM ERD chart:

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  • Will take it to a shop to tension/make into an actual wheel.

    Feel free to drop it round to mine, pretty sure I'll have a lot of spare time on my hands and little to do, can drop it back off at a safe distance.

  • Thanks @frankenbike I hadn't spotted that. I held off on ordering the spokes in any case, gives me a bit of time to be sure of the length. @snottyotter I may well take you up on that, thanks. The last wheels are still going strong

  • Hi all, I’m looking to buy a wheel set for the hubs and wondering what rim options I have to swap in for a Mavic Open Pro (older version, I know I can still get them, current ones are shot) I’ve read Velocity A23 are nearly the same ERD at 601/2 anything else that would be an option? Rim brake 700c, 28h

    Ignore me - https://www.prowheelbuilder.com/rims-gri­d


  • How are Bitex A713SB and RAR12 ? Looking at building some farsports rims and looking at cheaper, lightish hub options

  • I've been happy with my bitex hubs, not used those particular ones though.

  • Just stumbled on the world's most expensive wheel truing stand.

    A french company called Aivee. They are after 2,990€.


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  • They are after 2,990€

    Presumably based on a realistic estimate of the number they will sell.

  • Won’t build your wheel for you though!

    Unless you are getting fanatical I think it’s hard to go wrong with the park tool offerings.

  • When did carbon Open Pros arrive?

  • Blimey. Hadn’t seen those before, proper price.

    Still wish the new open pro alloy could take more than 85psi. Would sell many more!

  • Just bought some 36mm LB rims, now wondering if I should ask them to give me 46mm rims instead. Anyone got any experience of how they are in cross winds? I picked the 36mm as in general it's windy here a lot and I can't be arsed swapping wheels over based on the wind.

  • I've been cycling on 65mm LB rims during windy weeks preceding this whole corona shitshow. It started to get a bit twitchy in 30mph+ crosswind gusts, but I'm also relatively heavy which makes it easier for me. I'd think 46mm rims should be fine though.

  • @onyerbike might be able to help

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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