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  • the hub shell is more than stiff enough in torsion to make wind up a non-issue.

    I was always taught that tangential spokes are a must on the drive side, but I suppose the above mitigates that.

  • And of course the Powertap hubs "have to" be tangential on the apparently non drive side... .. the left side of the hub is driven by the torque tube straight off the freehub body.

  • It improves tension balance by a couple of %. Regardless of what mavic claim the torsional stiffness of the wheel is reduced. They have 5 spokes instead of 10 on there wheels doing the drive. If mavic just increased the spoke nipple bed thickness a bit on there rims they would not have to worry about the tension balance so much.

    Worse is zipp with radial drive side and 1x NDS or is it the other way around anyway thats proper daft.

    This is the problem with designing wheels to hit a mass goal. It forces all sorts of design tricks which compromises the whole wheel.

  • Great deal on Alpine III

  • That sounds pretty close to the build I'm looking at. Did you source all the parts or did @arup do it all? And how much did it all come to in the end?

  • I sourced it all, but worth noting that now Arup has everything needed to cut spokes, so in future I’ll ask him to sort that.

    Cost was a shade over £400 all in.

    Worth noting that the hubs are lovely, but pricey. You can easily save £100 or so going Miche

  • Does anyone know how much of a difference the ‘angled drilling’ on the Ryde Andra 40 makes when building up Rohloff wheels? the rims I’ve found~ in stock ~are standard drilling.

  • I've just (about 2 weeks ago) built a pair of Andra 40 in 20"(406), all the nipples look nicely lined up with their spokes.

  • so you can buy standard Andra 40rims, which are pretty easy to find.. and Andra 40 with angled drilling specifically for Rohloff hubs. Just wondering if the difference is significant enough to do a bit more hunting around for the rohloff ones 🤔

    Was the rear you built up a rohloff speedhub? Would the difference be more or less significant if I’m using a 26” rim..?

  • Also I've bought a couple of 32h hubs instead of 36h by accident. How much will it compromise the strength of the wheel by using 4 less spokes? Rohloff hubs, Ryde Andra 40 rims.. to be used on cargo bikes.

  • How much will it compromise the strength of the wheel by using 4 less spokes?

    1/9 🙂

  • hmm think I'll return them for 36h hubs..

    Although do have an issue with the 36h rims cracking along the inner well bed.. wonder if having less holes could make them more resistant to that 🤔: )

  • On another note... I have a brand new system EX high flange track hub in black, 32h. Does anyone want to swap for the same / similar but in 36h?

  • Great deal on Alpine III

    The title said box 72. The invoice said box 72. I ordered 5x.

    What CS delivered to the shop for collection was 5 individual spokes.

    Refunded in-store.

  • Dang, I bought some of those too

  • Ah, well the parcel I was expecting will be smaller than I hoped.

  • WUUUT? Sorry, couldn't know

  • Yea, I just received 2 spokes today...

  • When it comes to alloy freehubs, how much difference does an anti bite guard (as seen on novatech and bitex) actually make?

  • Never seen that many issues with alloy freehubs other than bite marks. Nice to have, but the freehub will need to be replaced at some point anyways

  • how much difference does an anti bite guard (as seen on novatech and bites) actually make?

    The amount of bite depends a lot on which cassette you use. The amount of bite you can live with depends on whether you routinely swap cassettes to suit routes, or just take them off once they're worn out. If your service schedule is the former and you use cassettes with separate sprockets, your life will be materially improved by having hard drive keys in your freehub rotor.

  • I need to replace the front hub on my old mtb. I'd like to use an XT hub which has a flange diameter (hole to hole) of 40mm , the existing LX hub is 38mm. Am I right in thinking this will result in the existing spokes being 1mm too long ? Is it appropriate to use nipple washers to take up some of this extra length if the rim has eyelets or will this cause issues ? The current spokes are just past the nipple screwdriver flat but I'm worried I'll run out of thread. Cheers !

  • Am I right in thinking this will result in the existing spokes being 1mm too long ?

    No. The actual error will depend on the spoke pattern - if it's close to tangential, then the error will be close to zero.

  • Thanks, Im using 32 spoke, 3 cross pattern. Bikeschool.com is giving me a calculation of 264.6mm for the existing hub vs 264.2mm for the XT hub so hopefully should be ok.

  • Looking at rims for a new commuter/unrealistic touring dreams wheelset. 700c. Is 550 grams a reasonable weight or what? Some narrowish 29er rim I spotted in a sale.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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