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  • @cycleclinic 650b rim brake rims? What's available these days?

  • I just bought some zac 421 rims. Cheap, and hopefully cheerful

  • Three cracks in my Kinlin XR19W rear 28h rim. Have ridden these fairly hard for 3 years, and had them partially re-built twice after spoke damage from the chain going between the largest cog and the spokes.

    Is this to be expected after the use / abuse they have had, or is this a sign of poorly made rims, or over tensioning by the wheelbuilder?

  • zac 421

    Solid shout that. That’s peanuts as well.

  • đź‘Ť:)

  • Harry Rowland's built a few wheels in his time. Were they rebuilt by him too?

  • Re-built by Arkane Wheelworks. Came back perfectly true and very round / smooth. These are very light rims, and perhaps just not up to the abuse they have taken. Interested to know anyone elses experiences of Kinlin XR19W or other rims by Kinlin.

  • 3 years isnt bad for 28h rims and hard riding. Id be surprised if the rims arent close to being worn out anyway?

  • Interested to know anyone elses experiences of Kinlin XR19W or other rims by Kinlin

    XR31T is the official rim of LFGSS, but I don't think you're the first person to crack one of the lightweight Kinlins. Overall, you get what you deserve, there's not much special magic with aluminium rims, if you go for the light ones they're not going to be as strong.

  • Re-built by Arkane Wheelworks

    In that case I'd tend to blame the rims.

    They're about as light as alloy gets, 3 years is pretty good going.

  • Dynamo hubs have short flange spacing so 24h is not advisable.i have no idea why dynamo are available in anything below 32h given there geometry. The excepetikn is the son deluxe widebody. That's fine in lower drillingif they are available but is for rim brake only. Am I just being too picky here.

  • Thanks I might look into XR31T for the rebuild. Have to disagree with you on this however

    you get what you deserve, there's not much special magic

    since I definitely deserve special magic.

  • Dynamo hubs have short flange spacing...Am I just being too picky here

    Yes. There's more distance from centre to flange on a dynamo hub than there is on the drive side of an 11-speed/130mm road hub or the rotor side of many other 100mm disc front hubs, and nobody seems to mind building those with 24 spokes. You can argue that particular use cases call for more spokes, but the flange geometry of a dynamo hub isn't relevant to that argument.

    I'll let you know how I get on with 16 spokes in flanges just 45mm apart on a 700C front wheel, that's definitely experimental 🙂

  • Xr31t 32h 650b. Pacenti brevet. Velocity atlas

  • Kinlins are generally fine. Not had any I ha e builtcrack (as far as I know) but i have never used the xr19w.

  • When I have built front dynamo hubs 24 or 28h they have always had more lateral flex than the rear. And that with rim brake hubs with 50m flange spacing.disc dynamo hubs are 50mm or less mostly less. I just dont like that. While it probably not a reliability issue it still seems wrong. I actually turn away jobs like this I.e aero dynamo wheels. The main reason the low spoke count is coupled with deep rims could lead to flex when cornering if i can feel the flex when side loading the wheel it will be there during cornering. I'm just not happy with that even if the rider can barely notice although I suspect it is noticeable on deeper rims.

    I did a 24 spoke version of my BORG45 disc with a son dynamo hub. That was the first and last time I will do that
    While the wheel has been fine I did not like building it. There was lateral flex that the rear does not have a hint of. That also mean hard braking can pull the rim and possibly get spokes to touch the caliper.

    The total flange spacing is important as well as the value of the two flange to centre distances. Symmetrical and short still end but being less stiff than offset and wide.

    I'm being picky.

  • Any recommendations on how to remove this sleeve? It was part of a freehub that has seized onto the axle.

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  • XR31T is the official rim of LFGSS

    Obviously because it has '31' in it.

    I miss @31trum.

  • Any recommendations on how to remove this sleeve? It was part of a freehub that has seized onto the axle.

    The answer, of course, was a hammer and a vice.

  • Smashy smashy.

  • Anyone built with Shimano's FH-RS770? Looks like the spoke holes are slotted down from the flange (for super bladed spokes?) and the spoke holes are uncomfortably sloppy (IMHO) for 2 mm spokes... thinking about using spoke washers.

  • Hydraulic press.

  • What's the rational behind radial on the drive-side and 2 cross non-drive?

  • Theres plenty of vids on youtube, but can anyone recommend a really solid one for DIY wheel truing for a guy with zero stands/dishing tools?

  • In what context? Mavic claim that their factory wheels built that way have slightly less differential bracing angle and that the hub shell is more than stiff enough in torsion to make wind up a non-issue.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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