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  • Is a 28 tyre on a 25 internal rim a recipe for disaster?

  • 28 tyre on a 25 internal rim a recipe for disaster?

    Sounds more like a recipe for a 33mm wide tyre.

  • "Luckily" they don't have 28h rims otherwise I'd have another project to rebuild some wheels for the first time

  • Yet trek are fitting 32mm contis to such rims for a madone. A tyre stretched like that will wear like its under inflated due to it shape.

    I have had a similar problem with a 25mm conti gp5000tl tyre on a velocity aileron rim. Thats 20mm inernal width and it proved to wide with tyre wearing like its under inflated. Less of an issue on kinlin rims. Tyres are made with certain range internal widths in mind.

  • So, following up on that, what is the max tyre one could run on a Kinlin XR31? I normally run 25’s, but want to go bigger for some adventurous rides later in the year.

  • You could ride all sorts of 40-ish gravel tires on a 19mm internal rim.

  • And the rest. I rode a mountain bike at the weekend with 2.35 tyres on a 19mm rim (that's like 60mm). Not ideal, but no fiery death. Back in the day, 19mm was the mountain bike rim width.

  • 25mm to 40mm is sensible.

    Internal width x 1.3 to 2 is a good guide to tyre real widths for road tyres.

    With stiffer sidewalls you can go wider still.

    So 32mm is the bare min width for 25mm internal width tyre but I suspect it will look stretched. 25mm in a 19mm internal width rim seems less stretched but that also depends on the tyre.

    Bead to bead distance and the thread thickness across the tyre are important factors. Hense guidance at the extremes is always vague.

  • Thanks for this

  • Mavic 719, standard fit for 26-in MTB wheels

  • I still have 2 NOS XC719s ready to use on my Raleigh Dynatech Torus Ti as and when I get round to rebuilding it. With the double crown Direct Control rigid titanium forks, of course. Damned fine rims.

  • This is just a shout out to @arup for another fantastic wheel build and brilliant service.

    He built my Hope RS4 disc hubs to XR31’s and they are as good as I hoped they’d be and the turnaround was very quick indeed.

    Once again, a big thank you.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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