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  • you can assume

    Until you learn that assuming things leads to problems when wheelbuilding. I measured a rim the other day that had >2mm ERD discrepancy around the rim

  • Done the same. Got a half-built wheel sat in my wheel pile with every spoke 1mm too long. :(

  • The spokes bottom out before theyre at full tension?

  • Before they're at any tension at all really. Need to get them cut down or buy some new ones but the unnecessary waste of time/money is a bit demoralising so I haven't bothered yet.

  • can you just relace them with an extra cross?
    thats why my rear polo wheel is 4 cross!

  • Itll be because the thread is running out so maybe shorter nipples would help. What length are the ones you are using?

  • You could try Sapim double-square nipples (DSNs). They usually need around 2mm longer compared to standard nipples. Bonus is a few more threads engaged above the usual nipple head. Washers under the nipple head can also take up another 0.5/0.75mm. No need to relace, just change nipples.

  • @n3il I had a look in the calculator and I don't think the lengths work out. But I might try it anyway and see what happens.

    @Turkish @2Phat4Rapha I was going to try nipple washers first to see if that made enough of a difference but haven't got around to it yet. New nipples also a good idea. Thanks

    It's a silly wheel, 27.5" with coaster hub, just for a laugh. So no urgency to finish building it.

  • Can also try dt squorx nipples and washers.

  • where are we buying our spokes these days ?

  • Cyclebasket

  • I used to buy spokes from Cyclebasket all the time. They used to be 40p each but currently 24p. Those ACI Alpina ones are not bad at all. Nowadays as I have the spoke cutting and threading machine (Morizumi) I just get those big 500 packs of blanks from Sapim.

  • Been waiting almost two months for my rims to turn up from China (farsport) only to found out I was sent a faulty spoke.

    Had anyone else ever got a CX ray that had been flattened the wrong way?

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  • I believe that is a bespoke option for races that are primarily run on coasts where side winds are the main offenders.

  • Its actually for turbo trainer/roller wheelsets where high resistance is the aim of the game

  • could be could be

  • CX ray that had been flattened the wrong way

    It's the right way if you're using Deore M555 hubs 🙂

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  • PlanetX have a few lengths of aero spokes for £0.25 again and 277mm black are £0.10. Both -10% with the WINTER code.


    (click View All Availability and it shows you a table of prices so you don't have to trial-and-error it)

    I bought some in the past, they were Pillar so not half bad for the price. But I guess no guarantee you'll get the same thing.

  • What's the go to deep/wide alloy rim brake rim guys?

    78kg rider with a pair of 20/24h dt swiss 240s I want to use for a nice, year round wheelset. dt swiss rr511 seems to come up, kinlin option too but not many available? Anything else? Hoping for sub £50

  • xr31t.

  • never used these and they get mixed reviews on here but surely a bargain at £15 per rim? https://www.spacycles.co.uk/m2b0s116p429­9/AMBROSIO-P20-20h-24h-Black

  • Always the right answer.

  • I found myself unable to resist even when they were £20 each.

  • a bargain at £15 per rim?

    Certainly seem worth a punt as long as they're a third of the price of XR31s

  • Was V tempted to get them to match with a set of £40 bitex hubs from eBay, laced with Alpina spokes. But splashed out on some kinlin xr31t instead :)

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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