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  • They are v tempting. the cheap spa ones come in the right drillings for me too. Hmm.. would be a £20 saving on the equivalent Kinlin option (in black).

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • P20 is pretty, pretty bad. Had a few samples in.

  • ahh ok. I guess that is why they are up for clearance sale

  • What was wrong with them? My pair seem flat and (from my ERD measurements) round.

  • Joint had a terrible hop in it, they are not very round either.

  • Riva sport is gone.they were using down. I bought a bunch of headset and they were delivered in a right state and incomplete and did not issue a credit. In the end they got sent back but they tried re delivering again. I refused to accept it. They then tried threatening me with legal action. They never did as there case was weak. Riva sport is run by sharks (actually that's giving sharks a bad name) and I will never buy of them again. I have a handful of ambrosio p20 rims left in silver. One 20h rims and a couple of 28h rims.

  • Oh well, I've got them now so I'll see how they build up. They seem pretty round from my ERD measurements - within 0.2mm. They're going on a winter hack anyway, so I'm sure they'll do the job.

  • The few I built all seemed good.

  • How can you measure erd to 0.2mm

  • Carefully.

  • How can you measure erd to 0.2mm

    Clamp the rim to the 28" face plate on your big lathe and check the runout with a dial indicator. You could easily measure polar coordinates to within 0.05mm and plot the circularity without even having to get it centred properly. Obviously a CMM would be better, but not everybody has one of those, at least not in the size required.

  • Home-made ERD measuring tool featuring a digital caliper. It's repeatably accurate to less than 0.1mm if you're careful using it . Not normally a particularly useful ability, I'll admit, but if a thing's worth doing it's worth overdoing.

  • I once went to Riva Sport to buy something direct, cos I couldn’t find anyone with a bog standard rim they supposedly supplied to retailers.

    It was in this wierd house with a mahoosive fence round it and mirrored windows on the Harlesden gyratory. Looked like it could be a brothel or a drug lord’s house.

  • Looked like it could be a brothel or a drug lord’s house

    It seems that the people behind Riva and the many associated companies were equally bold. Have a look at their early 1960s patents and trademarks case over Evian logo water bottles.
    To be fair, they made a go of it for 60 years picking up the distribution scraps left by the bigger boys.

  • Apart from DT Swiss 511db are there any other 30mm+ alloy, disc / non-msw, 18mm internal max clincher rims?
    Don't want to go too wide for track use as need to run high pressure.
    Are there any other 30mm+ disc tubular options?

  • need to run high pressure

    [citation needed]

  • Both my Vittoria Pista's tread split after use on a 20mm wide rims so want to go back to something narrower.
    Don't really want to be experimenting when others safety is a concern.

  • The question was really what benefit you think you're gaining by using tyre-splitting pressure.

  • Predictability

  • Do Thru axle hubs need to be measured differently from normal QR hubs? The 'axle' is still 100mm so its the same?

  • The important bit you're measuring is centre to flange, it's just easier to do that by measuring from the end of the axle or locknut to flange and taking that off half the axle length or OLD.

  • So no.

  • Oh yeah of course. Now ive had a coffee this is obvious

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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