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  • Can someone check my numbers for spokes before I order?

    Rim ERD 548

    Rear is 24h 2 cross
    Spoke drilling diameter – 42 mm
    Hub center – flange center – 32.0 mm

    Front is 20h radial
    Spoke drilling diameter – 34 mm
    Hub center – flange center – 37 mm

    My numbers come out as
    Rear 264.85mm
    Front 258.54mm

  • Must've been asked a million times, but any truing stand recommendations for a beginner?

    Thinking about getting this one: https://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/rado­n-professional-wheel-truing-stand-for-qr­-thru-axles-623737

  • That looks quite similar to the one @Hulsroy bought. Seemed really nice and well made and way better than my cheapo Tacx

  • I got a Park TS-8 for £50 on eBay, it is sufficient. That Radon has a lot more features though

  • Rear hub flanges are spaced evenly? Is it fixed?

  • Yes, Mack hub.

  • I can recommend this one:
    I'm a beginner myself and have successfully built a couple of sets with it.

  • Thanks all for the replies.

  • Any experiences with Kinlin-250?

  • As all Kinlins. Good finish and fairly cheap. Build a couple of the 26 inch ones, can't complain, nothing to report.

  • A good rim is one that builds into stable wheels easily. The only kinlin I have found Fidley is the adhn. What remarkable about this kinlin like many others is how unremarkable they are. Thats good thing as there nothing to report.

  • I've got this one, and have been pleased with it. Needs centering out of the box, but has been a massive improvement over my old Minoura

    I mainly got it as I was starting to build more thru axle hubs, and it made that far simpler to do

    @TvH seems to approve also...

  • TvH seems to approve also...

    It's basically the park tools one but better and cheaper

  • I'm also on the lookout for something along these lines. Sun Rhyno Lite XL another option but would be good to hear if anyone else has any suggestions.

  • Anyone got an old Shimano 1055 or 1056 rear hub in decent nick? 36h. Not looking to spend more than about a tenner.

  • Anyone bought or handled the Halo Devaura rims? Are the logos easy to remove?


  • I will do in about a week, have just got a spare FH-1055 to temporarily swap the freehub over to my wheel whilst I refurb the bearings within; will swap back afterwards then you can have the hub.

  • Considered the logos are laser etched and the rim is anodized over i don't think it's possible or worth doing.

    Especially considered , you can buy the same rims without logos in a better finish

  • Sure! Let me know once you're done. Cheers.

  • Ah they are laser etched... damn. I think I can get them for cheap. But can’t get the unbranded Kinlins for the same price

  • But you built me wheels with silver Halos because you couldn't get the Kinlins ;-)

  • In silver could be a good shout. How visible are the logos?

  • But that was ages ago 😭

  • A bit, but they're on my GF's Soma mixte, so it's not that bad. You can see them below when I borrowed them this spring and summer.
    @broken_777 no worries, I've used them myself now and for a "basic" wheelset they've been really good, paired with a 23c (all I had clearance for) they give the tyre a nice profile, probably quite aero as tyres and shallow rims combo go, too.

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  • If you want wide deepish silver rims, have you considered the Ambrosio P20? Sightly less deep than the XR31T/Halo Devaura at 27mm, but the pair I've got seem pretty decent even if I haven't actually got round to building them up yet. Available for £55 a pop here (albeit not in all drillings) or £35 a go from Spa in 20h/24h/

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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