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  • I have noticed that with ryde rims. Kot always the best finished. The rim would need a new extrusion die and possibly should be deeper. Deep rims flex less under load. It might also be the material.

    Another way of dropping tyre pressures is using an Tannus armour insert.

    The 50 psi needed without is probably reduced to 30 psi.

  • Which does he stock.

  • Are those from the usual uk source or have you found somewhere else.

  • Tannus armour insert.

    Curious if it will change the handling significantly. Also if they affect how much weight can be supported.

  • AAMOI, Is there no rim that is more aimed at cargo than Andra40?

    btw, I noticed a comment from Dave Whittle at SJS/Thorn (on the Thorn forum somewhere) that they’d discovered that the wider walls of Andra 40 were thinner than Andra 30. He may have been talking specifically about the spoke bed wall, I don’t know.

    Maybe you could try those, or Big Bull, to see if you get the same cracking?

  • Is there no rim that is more aimed at cargo than Andra40

    Doesn’t look like it. And we really need it to say on paper that it is suitable for supporting heavy loads. Bit confused by their table but the Ryde Andra 40 claims 180kg ‘++’, big bull ‘high load’ 130kg ‘+’. Suggesting it can support 130-ish

    seems like they’ve made the Andra 40 wide and strong but the inner well bed too thin (exacerbated by sloppily finished drillings) so it can’t withstand the forces exerted upon it.

  • Bit confused by their table but the Ryde Andra 40 claims 180kg ‘++’, big bull ‘high load’ 130kg ‘+’. Suggesting it can support 130-ish

    I think it's clearer elsewhere in the literature that + means heavy loads and ++ means super heavy, with 130 and 180 being the maxima rather than loose guidance you can exceed at will 🙂

  • Seems like someone needs to have a go at a stronger rim.

  • Has anyone built up an FH-M555?

    Looking at this (hosted on LFGSS for some odd reason) it says add 1.5mm to one side and subtract from the other:


    But... why? Why would I not just build it up as normal?

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  • Why would I not just build it up as normal?

    Because the spoke heads end up not being uniformly spaced around the circumference after sliding into the slots. I don't know whether the instructions are right, but you definitely need to think carefully about what the eventual position of the spoke head is, rather than the position of the hole you drop it into.

  • The holes are even as far as I can tell with my rudimentary measuring tools (i.e. distance from trailing spoke to both adjacent pushing spokes on the same flange appears to be the same).

    But either way, the spoke head location is the same on both flanges, so why should that mean that I increase length on one set of spokes and decrease on the other?

    The only explanation I can think of is that for some reason, instead of giving us the flange dimensions for a geometrically equivalent normal hub they have given us the real dimensions and then added this fudge factor to account for the fact that the hub is flangeless. Makes no sense to me.

  • What's the best source for Novatec hubs in the UK?

  • Depends on the models you after really.I can for sure get you some, so can @cycleclinic

  • Because one flange diameter is bigger than the other. So you have to account for the difference somehow, or so it looks like.

  • Any other 26" rims I need to look at other than DT Swiss 535 or the Ryde Zac 19, Andra 30?
    Looking for 32h, black, rim brake, dyno build for commuting and light touring.

  • Has anyone found a place selling Kinlin XR31T rims in silver and 20 front rear 24 (asymmetric) spoke drillings? I'm not having much luck with my searching, everywhere seems to have only black.

  • Hmm they don't appear to specify anywhere what they actually stock in terms of finish and drilling, plus the FAQ says they don't supply individual parts, just wheels.

  • They list their phone number on the contacts page. Might be worth giving them a call. I've bought just spokes from them before.

  • Cloud 9 in Bloomsbury said they can order in Kinlin rims next day in addition to what they have in store

  • I have a rear hub in black, 24H, 130mm OLN and Shimano body. Brand new. Can also build it up for you if you need. PM me.

  • Kinlin XR31T

    try searching for halo devaura (same rim)

    (also bikehubstore (us) have silver 24 asymmetric)

  • Cyclebasket still the best place for budget spokes?

  • Got some ritchey rock.pros in stock. 32h.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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