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  • I had a rear wheel built up for Mrs Howard by SJS cycles , who should in theory know what they are doing.

    It busted a spoke the other day when someone collided with her at traffic lights.

    So off it went to Look Mum to get the spoke replaced.

    Look Mum did the work but pointed out that the lacing was really odd. It's a 32 hole Nexus hub built in to a disc brake rim, and they chose to lace it single cross with all the spokes on the inside of the flanges. If it makes any difference, it's attached to a drum brake.

    I'm inclined to agree that this strikes me as a fucking stupid way to lace up a wheel.

    I'm not mad, right? There's no good reason to lace it this way?

  • Seems very odd. I've only ever built 32 spoke wheels 3x.

  • The large flange might make 2x better. Drum brake flanges are what 100mm PCs so 3x wont be viable. 2x will be the better option for 700c. If the wheel is smaller then 1x is all you can do.

  • I have stopped using that hub. To many seized. Another sp hub came in for warranty as its stopped generating.

    In short I would pay snh money for these hubs.

  • Yes it can be changed. Use the 11 speed type a. The internet can be wrong.

  • I get mine from jpracing in France. I suspect that's where Ryan is getting his from too.

  • I've built up 1-cross but only with large flange hubs laced to small rims, such as a Rohlhoff on a Moulton rim. How big is the rim?

  • 700, DT R460DB

    No reason to lace an Alfine / Nexus on a 700 rim in such an esoteric way I’d have thought.

  • but it worked well enough until the collision?

  • Out of curiosity, why SJS Cycles, when we have experienced wheelbuilders on here?

  • 700c? No. Not 1-cross. The Alfine / Nexus has a large flange but still. I would have built it 3-cross. Perhaps 2-cross if I was using an eyeletted rim where the nipple angle wasn't quite right. Even the hub manufacturers such as Rohlhoff or Powertap recommend 2-cross.

  • I was ordering a load of bits from them so it was pretty convenient.

    But yeah would have been nice if they had done a proper job.

    I have the kit to do it at home too - just lacked the time, at the time.

  • Well that is good news!

    Have you swapped a 10speed freehub to a 11speed on the f172sb?

    I assumed the hub widths would be slightly different. A lot of forums seemed to suggest its not possible and this website.


    I just don’t want to spend £40 on a freehub and it doesn’t work.

  • Is there some kind of spoke exchange thread on here? I would have thought 2nd hand spokes had some value. I want to replace a set of rims and don't wanna fork out for 64 new spokes when I have 64 slightly shorter, slightly useder ones sitting in a drawer.

  • Wiggle online eBay store is selling a big box of 500 DT Swiss 302mm spokes. Currently cheap.


  • I managed to find a box of 100 of what I needed for £20 on eBay. If anyone wants any DT Swiss Competition 298mm spokes, let me know.

  • What 32h rim should i get built onto Powertap hub for old TT bike training wheel? Rim brake.

    Quite like H plus Son wide things, anything else?

  • I've got a few sets of Sapim CX Ray pulled from useless builds or crashed wheels that might be reusable.

  • What rim should i get

    Kinlin XR31 is what it would say in the FAQ if we had one

  • Yeah, fair shout. I use those in disc brake form - their rim brake versions good too then I take it? Would you get the offset drilling or normal drilling version (assuming that's a choice)?

  • Yes, the XR31t is excellent in both rim and brake disc options. If I was sensible, I wouldn't have any other alloy rims. Get the asymmetric one for a Powertap, as the bracing angles on Powertap hubs are pretty appalling.

    If the spoke lengths work for you then the XR26t (also available in an asymmetric model) would be another option, but I've never yet been in a position where some of my pre-used sets of spokes have been quite the right length for a new build. You may have better luck.

  • I'll have a look at what spokes I have but it's probably easier to just ship a rim to Scherrit and then collect a wheel when he's done building as he has the hub already.

  • cheers but I ended up getting a box of 100 spokes quite cheaply

  • I'm impressed that I have managed to abuse a 10 yo DS Sapim Race spoke on it's third rim swap so badly that it spontaneously snapped at the spoke head whilst parked in my kitchen half an hour after I got off the bike.

  • I have a wheel with a 15mm through axle hub, its made by Q-Lite.
    Anyone know anything about them? Seems like sealed bearings, i'd like to swap the endcaps for 9mm qr. anyone know if they're just a novatec copy or anything?

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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