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  • I'm planning on building a front dynamo wheel to be used on two bikes. Here is the spec:

    Rim - 24h Hunt aero race rim brake
    Hub - SP PL8X 15mm thru axle centre lock
    Spokes - TBC (two cross)

    The plan is to run it between my rim brake road/audax bike and my gravel bike which is 15mm thru axle disc. SP make a 15mm thru axle to QR adapter. It seems fairly straight forward to me but my concern is whether or not the lacing and hub will be able to cope with both rim and disc braking?

  • SP PL8X

    I dont think there is going to be a problem with braking, but a couple of people on here have complained about weak lateral stiffness (sideways). The flanges are only 50mm apart.
    So I would use at least 2mm/1.8mm butted spokes like Dt swiss comp

    But front wheel stiffness also depends on how heavy the load is and how annoying you find the flex. Some don't mind....

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  • Great, thanks for your input.

    I will likely use Halo double butted 14-16-14 gauge spokes with brass nips, they will hopefully be up to the job, i've not had any problems with them in the past. There won't be much of a front load, i opt for frame bags on my audax bike and a bike packing setup on my gravel.

  • load = you :)

  • hi there

    Can anyone build a wheel for me? I am good with fixed and fronts but not with geared ones which need truing and different sized spokes each side.

    prefer to pay a member cash/beers rather than a shop


  • Snapped a spoke on my cargo bike - due to the Abus fixed rear wheel lock.

    Black, straight gauge type (pretty sure they are standard 14G and not 13G), either 220mm or 222mm or 224mm

    Does anyone know where I can get spokes in London this week?

  • I can cut one to the exact length for you. Black plain gauge 14g. I'm in SE London if that's convenient for you. Sydenham / Crystal Palace / Penge area.

  • SBC and Cloud 9 both have spoke cutters and suitable spokes if you North of the river

  • Not on my way into town unfortunately so I will swing by SBC and condor at lunchtime tomorrow.

    Thanks @arup and @broken_777 for the assistance!

  • SBC need to update their opening times on Google & on the shop front.

    Turned up at 18.30 to be see the shop already shut...

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  • Maybe some sort of murder investigation was cramping their style

  • Anybody bought Pacenti here?


  • Actually they messaged me - someone jumped off the building roof.

    EDIT: The spoke is a 13G, which is of a larger diameter and which they don't carry.
    Only London Green Cycles carries them in London but it's a trek and they are notoriously slow at everything.

    Ordered from eBay, a Bristol shop does 4x spokes and nipples, cut to your length for £3.60 posted.


  • Where wheel builds go to die...

    Have you ever tried making things from bike parts? You can make some cool stuff, especially from the gears and wheels and they sell really well on ebay.

  • Those are all long-long-gone. The scrapyard turns over incredibly fast. So in short, nope I haven’t.

  • A really simple lamp or clock can sell for over £100, I just thought I'd mention it in case you like upcycling projects. I've made a few clocks for friends and I'm thinking about setting up a shop online. I'd love to be able to sell furniture like this one day: http://www.hicksandhicks.com/hicks-and-h­icks/original-upcycled-bike-bar-table.as­px?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyv3XhKOq5AIVjA8YCh1­I2wGVEAkYASABEgJHlfD_BwE

  • Is there a thread with a list of London wheelbuilders and their locations? I often get queries from people who live the other side of London from me but don't want to travel to me but ask if I know anyone local to them.

  • I have a pair of H plus son Archetypes laced to Novatec hubs. The rear hub is 10speed.

    The wheels have hardly been used as I only have an 11speed bike now. I would really like to use these as they have just been sitting in the shed for months.

    I checked online and the internet tells me the freehub isn't able to be swapped for an 11spd. So the hub (Novatec F172SB) will need replacing.

    What are my options for doing this?

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  • Is there a thread with a list of London wheelbuilders and their locations? I often get queries from people who live the other side of London from me but don't want to travel to me but ask if I know anyone local to them.

    Maybe the first post could be edited or perhaps a new thread with no chat encouraged ... in which case, go for it. Perhaps other wheelwrights could add their name & location if they want to be contactable on here for a bit of work?

  • Maybe the first post could be edited

    It would need an active member to take control of it. It's a generalised issue when a thread outgrows its original intent. What we probably need is a "post zero" to contain the FAQ, resources, charter etc. to be editable by moderators. And obviously for the thread title to have "fucking read the fucking first fucking post" appended to it 🙂

  • What are my options for doing this?

    CS-HG800 if you want wide ratio, milled Ultegra cassette might work if you don't. A hub swap hardly seems worth the effort with Archetypes, you might as well start from scratch even if you're going to use another Archetype.

  • Absolutely, a new first post is a good call.

  • Had the same thoughts. Might be best to just sell the wheelset.

  • Got my 13G spokes delivered.

    £3.60 for 4, cut to length, with nipples, posted.
    In nice packaging.

    Not sure how the manage to keep the business afloat / pay business rates but I would recommend them.

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  • Ryan's great. I buy spokes from them whenever I am low on stocks. Met up with them at Bespoked last year in Bristol. Excellent prices as always. And quick delivery. With all the e-bikes and cargo bikes around need a good source of 13g spokes.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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