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  • Walk I to one that build wheels regularly and it is not unusual. Shops that build wheels though daily are unusual though.

  • @ChasnotRobert how is the wheel laced? From experience, shallow rim 28h 2 cross is asking for trouble.

  • My 1989 Vitus 979 had a 128mm spacing (it was all original when I bought it with 7 speed tricolor) and fits a modern 130mm hub just fine.

  • Yep, two cross.

  • Sounds like I may as well replace the rim with something a bit stiffer and get the wheel rebuilt.

    I don't really want to buy a new hub as that was a couple of hundred quid.

    So, any recommendation for a tubeless compatible rim which will build up into a reliable wheel at 28 spoke count?

  • It's not the 2x lacing that the problem. Trust me on that 3x wont fix the issue. 3x will actually be less stiff laterally and radically. 3x just adds torsional stiffness, I.e reduces tension changes caused by pedalling.

    I lace plenty of wheel 28h kinlin xr22rt rims 2x for rim brakes and they dont go wrong. So there nothing wrong with 2x lacing.

  • Kinlin xr22rt or the 26rt are good choices. The mavic open pro ust should be fine but is not asymmetric.

    I suppose you could spend more on the pacenti forza. It's not better though.

    Avoid any shallow wide rim in lower spoke counts unless your doing a 32 spoke build. Shallow rims can twist and the spoke count helps stop that and keeps them stable. Also shallow rims lack radial stiffness and the spokes add that. That's why thicker spokes with shallow rims are essential for a rear wheel.

  • Thanks - most helpful. I have xr22t wheels (build by you!) on another bike and they have never gone wrong.

    Will have a look at xr26t for this wheel.

  • Thanks for that. I think I'd better wait until I receive the frame and measure it.
    Mines an earlier Peugeot, like 1980-1982ish, currently fitted with 5 speed Simplex stuff.

  • Does anyone know a good cheap source for Kinlin?

    Looking for XR-26T in 32h

  • I agree with your comments on stiffness.
    Evidently, the Kinlin XR22rt is a stiffer rim than the DT and there lies the problem.

  • I need to do a rebuild, currently have kinlin xr300 rims

    Does anybody know if the DT Swiss rr585 has the same rim depth as the kinlin? ie will I be able to recycle my spokes. I’d just use another kinlin but I can’t seem to find any in the uk..


  • Hubjub have them (in 28h)

  • If you want deep V rims to suit your vitus, what about hunting down some Mavic CXP 33? (I have some cxp 14, same rim no brake track - didn’t used to matter, you wear your own in, but now everyone expects it)... or Rigida (Ryde) DP18, they seem to still be around.

    I have a couple of choice 126mm hubs knocking around if you end up wanting that spacing...

  • Thanks for that suggestion. I've actually already ordered a pair of XR31t rims from BikeHubStore. I was about to get all FOMO with your CXP33/CXP14 idea, but have convinced myself that XR31t is a good alternative because:

    • CXP33/14 are nearly 100g heavier than the XR31t
    • neither rim is from the early 80s (actually I'm not sure when the CXP33 appeared...)
    • the rims will look the same when de-stickered

    To be fair I think this is one of those situations where any choice of silver 30mm would have been totally fine.

    I'm also sorted for hubs, thanks, as I bought some DA7400 hubs spaced at 126mm.

  • This friend I’m visiting in Germany has had a massive wad on for DP18 for as long as I can remember. I had some CXP33’s a while back too I think, and they were pretty tough, never complained.

  • .... what hubs do you have though, out of interest?
    And drilled for how many spokes?

  • A Phil, bolt on, Eng thread, NOS (but FSA ERA, 90s I guess, which is goood)
    Early 80s Royce, with Royce skewer, Eng Thread. Not sure if used or not, seems minty.

    Both 36h though - I think but I have to check that.

  • neither rim is from the early 80s (actually I'm not sure when the CXP33 appeared...)

    I’m not sure any V shaped rims are from the early 80s either, btw.

  • Very true.
    ...so if I'm gonna break with era I might as well save weight!

  • Oooh I have always wanted a set of nice old Royce hubs. Maybe one day I'll do a project which includes a pair.

    Meanwhile my 28h Dura Ace hubs have arrived and they are gorgeous so I'm happy.

  • I need 20/24 but I know the hubjub guys so I’ll get in touch. Thanks

  • Erm the XR300 may not be listed online but dont confuse that with it not being available. I dont buy them but can have them quickly. Why not try calling or email a shop.

  • 1980 is likley to 120mm spacingi have a 1980 carlton that 120mm spaced.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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