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  • Spokes arrived. Spent a couple hours on the wheel build. Used curved nipple washers because I was both afraid of wrong spoke length and angled spokes under load. First ever wheel build from scratch.

    Haven’t put it on the bike or trued or anything yet, just tightened all the spokes til they felt plucky kinda tight, like a ‘good’ tension on a known wheel.

    Sun Big City 406-34.5, Sapim 172mm plain gauge, Shimano FH-M525A, 2-cross pattern as recommended by KStoerz himself.

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  • All good!! Rides fine, just need to adjust brakes and gearing a bit. The close-up shows how bad the old rim was.

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  • Bit OT, but given the odd wheel size these might be of interest; https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TYVITTRAN/­vittoria-randonneur-wired-tyre

    Think they bulk ordered thinking they were all 700c and can’t shift the 20” ones.

  • Nice, thanks. It’s a balloon on the cargo, and I’m not sure I’d want anything that narrow on a bmx, but at £4 each that’s a bargain!

  • I'm also in the process of building up a cargo bike wheel. I went for 13g spokes but the nipples won't fit through the holes in the rim. They aren't eyeletted so think I'll have drill them. Has anyone done this sort of thing? Should I go for a straight through or at an angle to help line up the spoke?

  • I ordered ‘Sapim Leader Spokes, Plain Gauge 2.0mm/14g’ with the basic brass/silver nipples from Ryan Builds Wheels on evilbay. I also ordered the nipple washers that allow the nipple to sit at a better angle without damaging the rim/spoke so much. The Sun Big City is conveniently eyeletted with massive holes so although a little aggressive, I have no woes. 13g or larger would probably have fit fine.

    What rim are you using that you have so much trouble? Wouldn’t it be easier to build into a different rim than drill out the holes on your current one?

  • Where wheel builds go to die...

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  • My DTSwiss rims have hit the wear limit and I wanted to have a crack at rebuilding the wheels as the hubs are still good. I'm after some rim-brake rims, somewhere around 100 quid or less each preferably reasonably light. Need 24-hole front, 28-hole rear. Other than the Kinlin XR31T or the XR22T recommended by @LeMesjeu , any suggestions?

  • Can you find matching DT Swiss rims so you can reuse spokes?

  • I could. Just seeing what could replace them I suppose

  • Right ok numpty question . Is a 29 rim just a wide 700c but i can still fit a g one 30 mm but 28s would not be suitable ?

  • Is a 29 rim just a wide 700c


    but i can still fit a g one 30 mm but 28s would not be suitable ?

    What fits depends on how wide, specifically internal width. 28s I would suggest belong on internal widths from 17mm to 21mm, if you go outside these limits you might have something mechanically safe but the tread crown starts to be a funny shape and so ride and handling will not be ideal.

    *up to a point. The first 29ers favoured the Mavic G40, which by modern standards is narrow even for a road rim

  • Thanks

  • Have got an ultegra 6800 wheelset that need new rims, are there any out there that people recommend? They're straight pull hubs and I'm a complete noob so apologies for the basic questions.


    Due to the weird way spokes fix to the rim of the WH-6800, you're going to need new spokes if you use anything other than the original rim, and because of the weird way they fix to the hub they are going to have to be double threaded. By the time you've had somebody make you some custom double threaded bladed spokes, and given that the OE rims are very expensive, it's really not worth trying to revive these wheels. If you want factory wheels again, try the road wheel recommendations thread.

  • anyone here able to make a set for my Krampus Ops?

    WTB Kom Rim
    Teravail Coronado 2.8w tan wall

    send me a message and we can chat :)


  • It's a Ryde Andra rim. Did the drilling operation today followed by filing out the burrs. Let's see how it goes.

  • I've finally heard back from DTSwiss and if I want to reuse my spokes I need a rim with an ERD of 599-601 (the current rims are 600). Any suggestions?

  • Do you need to use nipple washers on Kinlin MX3t's?

  • I have a set of Mavic 819 rims that I'm building up. Never used them before. I have the inserts which after some searches recommend using Loctite. I'm thinking of the Loctite 243. Will a small 10ml bottle be enough for a pair of wheels?

  • Will a small 10ml bottle be enough for a pair of wheels?

    Plenty, as long as you don't waste most of it. You have too much threadlock on the threads if you use more than 0.01ml each

  • Having said that, I'm pretty sure my EX823 rims don't have Loctite, and they have been fine for more than a decade.

  • Brilliant. Thanks for the reply.

  • I'm looking to build up some wheels and would appreciate some help on a few queries:
    1) The rims I'm looking at have an internal rim width of 17.9mm and external of 25mm. Will that be okay for 25mm tyres? (I'm limited by guards)
    2) Generally speaking, for a road wheel how many spokes should I put in the front? (I'll have 32 in the back)
    3) For a strong set of wheels (with carbon rims) does anyone have any spoke recommendations?

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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