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  • Your sides are out of phase with each other. One of them is one hole off.

  • Do you mean at the hub or at the rim?

    One or the other, but not both 🙂
    It's hard to read a wheel from photographs, but if you go through the build rigorously with the wheel in your hands you'll find the error.

  • Thank you both, sorted now. It was at the hub

  • 25mm I thermal width is for 40mm wide tyre or wider ideally and then with a tyre that wide why pretent to have an aero wheel. Your just pretending.

    LB are making these rim to fit 28mm schwalbe pro one which will be stretched to 33mm wide and the crown will be too flat and the tyre squares on more quickly. Asquared of tyre created more aero drag. Tyres are designed around a rim internal width range where they have the right shape and the right shape is whatever the tyre manufacturer intends. Modern road tyres are designed around 17 to 19mm internal widths gravel tyres need a wider rim of approximately 19 to 22mm internal width. 25mm is really meant for 2.0 to 2.4" tyres.

    That is the flaw in these rims. They make no sense for the tyres that should be used on them and the tyre people want to use on them are not designed/manufactured for them.

  • No, I am not pretending. I'm joking.

  • Good. Some people are not though.

  • Good. Some people are not though.

  • Building a wheelset with stans grail mk3 rims is about 100£ more expensive than with the new mavic open pro disc rims. They have pretty similar stats in terms of weight, the grails have a 1.3mm wider internal, is there any massive difference between them for road riding?

  • is there any massive difference between them for road riding?

    Well, the Open Pro has the advantage of having been designed by a company which actually knows something about rims, so there's that :)

  • I thought stans were well respected for their rims?

  • I thought you said road riding.

  • I thought stans were well respected

    I suppose it depends who you ask

  • True true, though i'd also heard that their gravel rims were decent for road purposes as well

  • The American alu rim companies generally just seem weight obsessed way past the point of being practical for everyday use. If you are racing then go ahead and grab a spare from the team car.

  • Not some of Sun/Ringle’s offerings.

  • Do they even make road rims?

  • They used to, 29er levels of space and heavy, but yeah.

  • Yep, still on the site anyway, CR18, Rhyno lite et cetera.

  • Open pro - a rim that has 100kgf max drive side tension before it pringles,sure. Tubeless, even more tension drop. I'm in!!!

  • Get an eternity rims. Welded seam, 20mm internal and 25mm tall. Good rim for your money

  • eternity rims

    Would you know anybody that has these rims for sale :)

  • I do yes, some other places too.
    Op can also get some Kinlins. Also great rims. I also sell them 😂

  • I'm after pre built wheels to be honest, not looking for the faff + cost of having them built up. Superstar have a good sale on at the moment. The alternative would at a similar price be stans grail rims, or superstar arc ultra wide, but they're sleeved and internet consensus is that sleeved isn't the best. JRA wheels look decent as well

  • That would be a question for the pre-built wheels thread then :)

    This one is rather for generous advice from our resident wheel-builders...

  • Ah, didn't know we had one, thank you!

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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