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  • I presume by "turn silver" you just mean it'll wear away with use?

    Even the ceramic coating wears away eventually.

  • Cheers @Lukas,

    You are right Mavic have not made their ceramic rims for a few years (although Condor still have some stock). Noble Wheels import their own Ceramic rims that are 23mm wide but, as was the issue with the mavics, they have stopped selling them as they are prone to the ceramic flaking/chipping. Rigida/Ryde make their Sputnik, Andra and Grizzly rims with a CSS coating on the brake track (supposed to be better than ceramic as carbide is actually imbedded into the alloy and so can't flake) but they are a little more expencive - does anyone have any experience with these rims?

    I've read that the anodising on the H+Son can wear off if used in the wet just once... older Wolber, Mavic, Campag strada hardox I've had lasted a few months of use in all weather before wearing through the ano - I don't really want to build up rims if the finish is only going to last a week only to then look the same as the old rims I'm replacing... I know it is only aesthetics but I'm a bit of a tart about these things and grey rims and gumwalls will suit the theme of the project

    Another alternative is to get shallow carbon rims... but braking will be compromised and I plan to use mudguards which I feel is counterintuitive with 'plastic' rims.

  • I just resigned to the fact that unless you're buying a full carbon rim, you may aswell just take a silver brake surface. I'm in the process of buying wheel components to build and took @amey advice on going for some DT Swiss R460. Wide enough, light enough, cheap enough, and most importantly, removable decals.

    My original thought was a Mavic Open Pro - they're so bullet proof and just look great - they're just too thin for a nice 25/28mm tyre though.

    What's your main goal for the wheelset? Performance? Weight saving? Longevity?
    I've heard a lot of stories how the Pacenti SL's and H+Son Archetypes are basically made of cheese and need re-rimming after 1000km

  • Yeah I was to, and if I'm taking a silver brake track, why not a full silver rim - so in my case most likely a TB14...

    I didn't look too much at Pacenti as all I've heard and read is that spokes pull through them and they crack... It seems now though that both SL's and Archetypes have had their faults addressed and builders are using them again without (as many) issues.

    Ultimate goal is shallow rimmed, strong, 'fit and forget neo-retro' with shouty freehub that will still look good in a year or so...

    CSS is an option for keeping the brake surface grey, but for some reason they anodise the rest of the rim black - I'd remedy this by painting the rim grey to match the sidewall (I'd go to that length!) - I'd spring for these but would like to hear from someone who has used a pair for an extended period of time... there is also the possible issue of trying to get hold of these rims in a few years if one needs replacing, perhaps another pro for the H+Son option as they seem readily available.

    Anyone know if I have missed any other CSS/treated 700c grey/black wide rim on the market?


  • CSS is an option for keeping the brake surface grey, but for some reason they anodise the rest of the rim black

    Because the CSS coating is darker than hard anodising, black dyed soft anodising is a closer colour match. Soft anodising on the spoke bed is considered better by some as it doesn't crack as easily as hard anodising. Microcracks in hard anodising around the spoke holes can be an initiation site for stress corrosion cracking through the base material.

    As far as being tarty is concerned, why not just be true to the retro look. Anodised rims didn't magically stay grey back in the olden days, they got the colour scrubbed off by the brake blocks just like they do now, so tatty rims are period-correct :-)

  • Ah-ha! that makes sense, cheers!
    I really like how good new anodised rims look - I know I should get over it, build some wheels and go ride the bike but... have you ever tested any CSS rims?

  • CSS rims are by all accounts stonkingly good and last forever, but they're pricey enough that you may as well get low profile carbon IMO

  • i have a pair of the old css Open Pros and I can confirm they last for ever, and brake really well, and the black coating doesn't wear off. they're fantastic, but they don't make them anymore. I understand that these https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/rims-tape/32­-rigida-grizzly-700c-622-touring-rim-wit­h-css-side-wall-black/ are the same coating, but i've never used them so can't confirm. These are the ones I have

    The rim wall is slightly grainy in texture - that's the coating. these are the newer ones, that wear off

  • Just remembered a clubmate of mine had a pair of mint Ceramic Open Pro x Hope somethingorother a year or two ago, that he was struggling to sell.
    I'll ask if he still has them, if that's any help.

  • css Open Pros

    Rigida CSS and Mavic Ceramic are two slightly different things. The Rigida version seems to have a reputation for being a bit tougher.

  • I've got a pair of older Mavic SUP ceramic wheels I'm looking to move on. Might be 36 holes though. Laced to 105 hubs in really good condition

  • Wtb criss cross
    Wide, shallow, tubeless ready, well finished, semi cheap

    Kinlin xr22t - wide, stiff, shallow, tubeless
    Semi cheap

  • @Lukas @branwen I'd be interested in either set pending price, cheers

  • Cheers, yeah the pulse CSS rims are £115 each which is more than I'm willing to spend but the grizzly CSS is only £70 - that's £15 more than an archetype, so is still a viable option... I'll save the low profile carbon tubs for a future build!

  • Looking at CSS rims for my all year all weather bike. Are they as lasting as the ceramic Mavic and would the brake performance be as relatively sketchy?

  • By all accounts they last longer than Mavic ceramics as it's not a coating, the carbide is integral to the braking surface and gives better braking performance... #marketingblurb

  • Continental GP4000 I can get relatively easy on the HED Ardennes Plus. Anybody experience with Kinlin XR22 or Ryde Pulse?

  • Who has them in stock?

  • SJS has the grizzly - Google will tell you who has Pulse Comp CSS but there was a London builder I'd found...

  • London Pulse Comp CSS, where?

  • Just messaged him. Not sure if he has an alias on here... Possibly @willhouse ?

  • Sold a long while ago.... New Open Pro Ceramic on Hope Mono RS with CX rays. Lovely wheels... @Lukas @mattyc

  • I had Mavic ceramics on my all weather everyday commuter about 3 years ago. I didn't think they lasted any longer than the normal rim. I was unimpressed.

  • My mistake they are Ryde Pulse Sprints - http://dcrwheels.co.uk/contact/ based near Lewes, East Sussex

  • another wide ceramic option... (Taken from road wheel recommendations thread) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/afo­rcewheels/al33-the-fastest-aluminum-bicy­cle-wheels/description

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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