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  • Vision metron hubs
    Are they just novatec hubs?

    Seems unlikely, TH Industries are more than capable of designing and building hubs in-house

  • Dimensions, by rough measurements, looked very similar.

  • About to buy spokes don't want to fuck it up.

  • Looking at getting some wheels built and need some advice /thoughts on spoke count .
    Rims -
    Deciding between either Ambrosio Crono or Nemesis tubular rims.
    Regular Road /Casual rides or very short commute . Will be fitted to a steel bike probably coming in around 9-10kg.
    I'm around 65kg and am wondering whether to go for 28h or 32h, and is there a minimum I should stick to.
    Also are there any other factors to consider?

  • What a blast from the past!

    I got an email telling me that I've been mentioned in a post so I thought I say hello. Although it seems that I can't get my account bank since the login has been moved to Persona... oh well.

    I'm still alive and cycling in Berlin even though not doing much wheelbuilding.

  • The ones on Planet X are very Novatec-y. Get the vernier caliper out to be sure.

  • Dimensions, by rough measurements, looked very similar.

    If you're taking measurements, you don't need to know who made them :-)

  • I'll fix your account for you.

    Give me a moment.

  • My measurement skillz...
    @dubtap will do.

    Also. SPOKES.
    Sapim D Light?
    Disc build.

  • In that case I want to use the occasion and say thank you for creating https://leonard.io/edd/ I use it all the time.

  • I'm using 28H Archetypes on roads with some potholes, I'm 67 (and probably with backpack and so on 74) and so far so good. It's a track wheel so it will be slightly stronger than a road one due to even spoke tension. [all factors being equal]

    Rim stiffness, availability of hubs (road hubs are easier to get in 28h, track hubs a bloody nightmare in under 32H) are other factors.

    It's ultimately only 4 spokes, so about 32 grams. If you're not racing you could decide to priorities ease of use/costs of rims and hubs over saving the weight of 4 spokes.

    I got a great deal on spokes and rims, and puzzled the hubs with it. But had it been 32H I wouldn't have fretted over the spokes, had it been 24H...I would have worried about weight.

  • Thanks very much @JWestland for the info.

  • Hah, how did I miss that

  • Regarding hubs, I can get halo track hubs unbranded in silver or black down to 24 h.

  • Cool tx! No need for more wheels (atm..)

    Do you keep them in the pockets of a long overcoat and people have to say a special code if they want to buy them? :p

  • Can anyone recommend a wheel builder who is happy to work with customer supplied components.

  • Essex /Suffolk /London area

  • Yep .meeting in dark alleys is preffered;)

  • hit my up
    I do supply my own spokes as i can make sure they are the approriate lenght and suitable for the application.

  • Nemesis rear. I replied in full on weight weenies. I dont think however you wont save much buying your own rims and hubs.

  • Both methods work in tandem. You kkow your stress reliving is complete when you side load the rim when the wheel is resting on its axle and it does not budge. Bit ues joshs method works well. Although i find grasping just two spokes (oppoite each other) is more effective as i can apply a higher load. I get to the end point a bit quicker.

  • What a blast from the past!

    Heh. Welcome back. That summoning mechanism does come in useful sometimes. :)

  • Can someone check my working please:
    1 x 28/28 on Stan's requires
    14 x 294.5 = 294mm
    14 x 296 = 296mm

    14 x 295.8 = 296mm
    14 x 295.1 = 296mm

    1 x 24/28 on dt Swiss 460
    12 x 298.9 =298mm
    12 x 299.8 = 298mm or 300?

    14 x 293.8 = 292mm or 294mm?
    14 x 293.1 = 292mm

    With 12mm nipples.
    That seems right?
    Spokes in basket...

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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