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  • Recently buckled the rim on a campagnolo zonda in a crash. Have had the wheels replaced but want to use the old hub and spokes to build a new wheel. The zonda rims are sealed and expensive. Could anyone suggest a reasonably priced rim.

    Front wheel, 16 spoke, 24mm rim depth. Assume I also need to know spoke length and hub flange diameter before choosing a rim?

  • Assume I also need to know spoke length and hub flange diameter before choosing a rim?

    If you're re-using the hub and spokes, you just need a rim with the same ERD and hole count, but it's really not worth the effort. The only rims with such a low depth which work well with just 16 spokes are found on factory built wheels like, er, Campag Zonda. Shimano RS20 rims might be close, and are £40-£50, but seriously, why would you bother? Zonda hubs are nothing special, and you can buy a whole new wheel for just over £100

  • I know they are nothing special. I want to bother to get some practice building a wheel and if I can get a suitable rim for £50 then it's cheaper than £100. Appreciate the advice. Thanks

    Any advice on finding the erd? I have dumped the old rim and tech documents don't seem to help.

  • I want to bother to get some practice building a wheel and if I can get a suitable rim for £50 then it's cheaper than £100

    If you just want to build a wheel for practice, there are better options. Without even dropping down to components you wouldn't actually want to ride, something like a Rodi Airline 4 rim and a Shimano 4600 hub and 36 DT Comps comes to under £50 in total including shipping for a wheel which anybody can build which will serve as an emergency spare for when you break your Zonda again. Shop around and you can probably get an even better deal, for example ACI spokes are just as good and about half the price of DT. You'll learn much more about wheel building by assembling a 36H 3X wheel with J-bend spokes than you will from what is basically just a rim swap on a wheel with radial straight-pull spokes.

  • HTTP://WWW.247CYCLESHOP.COM for the spoke cut and thread rolling service. They did some new spokes to length for me as they were out of stock and are happy to work with spokes you send them.

  • 7 rims 7 sises WDF ?
    DSC08139 by Gaston Dunoyer, sur Flickr

  • strength in diversity?

  • advice please.
    for my next wheel build I would like to build an higher spec wheel than my 2 previous practice builds so starting with the hubs are dura ace 9000 the best value hub in the £200 bracket. wheels will be used for sportive type rides. would a sealed bearing option be better than than cup and cone?

  • DA really are hard bastard hubs. I've commuted in spring/summer for about 7 years on a set that haven't even needed regreasing the sealing is so good whilst I've replaced about 4 rims on them now.

    In the same time I've fucked Phil Wood sealed bearings, Powertap sealed bearings, Novatech sealed bearings in months.

    If you are big and or tough on kit I'd go for Shimano cup and cone every time.

  • That's interesting - what range have you been using? I used 7700 for a few years; bearings ran well but the freehub internals proved to be pathetically short lived.

  • 7800 and I am on my second freehub which of course have the dreaded sealed bearings

  • Campagnolo hubs last well too.

  • Anyone built a rear fixed or track wheel with sapim lasers on both sides?

  • I didn't do the building (SBC did), but my HC rear wheel 28 lasers. Not noticed any flex, even under hefty power.

  • More worried about epic skids than flex while putting power down forwards,

    Will be going 36 spoke 3x, the only bit that worried me was that they say they're not rated for disc use so I was wondering about skidding and resisting.

  • I doubt skidding really puts that much force through the spokes. Wouldn't worry if you've got 36.

  • sapim laser

  • Novatec hub on kinlin xr200, rim is dinged. Do kinlin still make this rim? In 28h?
    What could replace the rim of not?

  • kinlin xr200

    DCR advertises them for sale, including in 28H, as do Sdeals

  • A ~ £30 DT460 @mdcc_tester will tell you where it is cheapest shortly.

  • Brilliant. Thanks.

  • DCR is a strange price list, but Sdeals (who are they?) well done.

  • I was just about to tell him that the R460 should drop in if he wants to replace his rim with something a bit more robust, I think Bike24 are likely to be cheapest.

  • Sdeals (who are they?)

    Can't remember exactly who they are, some cyclist who started with a bunch of overstock to sell from his house, but they've been around a long time now and I've bought stuff from them before.

  • There will be no discernable difference between an R460 or an XR200?

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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