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  • oh cool,
    there's also a pair of these on ebay: https://www.dtswiss.com/en/components/ri­ms-mtb/cross-country/xr-331

    are they any good?

    currently waiting to see how many holes it is ...

    edit: can dt swiss rims be destickered?

  • Nor wanting to cross post but I have 36 silver sapim plain gauge spokes 293mm with nipples if anyone is interested- bought in error.
    £10 posted to your door

  • Not wanting to be that guy again but I'm building a carbon gravel wheelset and was wondering if people who actually know what their talking about can suggest any.
    Needs to be straight pull, black, 266/267/268 in length.
    Any help/suggestions on spokes and nipples would be appreciated.

  • wondering if people who actually know what their talking about can suggest any.

    Like, as opposed to last time?

  • You can buy Pillar Wing 20/21 from me.

  • Fortunately no last time. It's me not knowing what their talking about.

  • Any good 12 x 142mm fixed hubs out there? Looks like Paul make one, but out-of-stock everywhere. Preferably 24h.

  • Could you convert a 100x12 front hub with the necessary spacers? And get a velosolo fixed cog for ISO disc mounts

  • Could work. Would quite like to use both brakes. Ideally it would be 12 x 142 and have two ISO disc mounts, but that's quite a niche.

  • two ISO disc mounts, but that's quite a niche.

    There are some 110×20 hubs with disc mounts both sides, but they are too close together to work in a 142mm frame, even with 5mm shims both sides. Double IS 6-bolt and 24h straight pull is a match made in heaven for a designer, but there isn't even the market to support it in track frames, never mind any of the 8000 "standard" freewheel hub widths.

  • There's a 135 mm option from Mack.
    Disc mount on both sides, maybe he'll make some custom end caps to make it compatible with the 142 mm spacing you need.

    Edit: Forgot about this one:
    Don't know if that's really a thing or not though...
    Think they've pushed out the delivery date since the last time I visited the website.

  • Mack has the same mounting face spacing as the 110×20 hubs, lines up with track cranks but not brakes.

    Effigear seems to be an aluminium HG spline cut straight into the hub shell, there's no way I'd use that. Even a threaded sprocket would be better.

  • Anyone interested in a nipple sifter box? 5mm gaps.

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  • What about a wide foot sprocket? Should in theory prevent the sprocket from digging into the softer spline...

  • That would slow the destruction, but you're still using the expensive and hard to replace hub shell as the sacrificial element. Aluminium free hub rotors are cheap, easy to replace, alternate loading over the full width and don't experience load reversal, but manufacturers still consider it a benefit to add steel inserts to slow the inevitable destruction.

  • I'm thinking of building a dynamo hub around a 32h Shimano hub dynamo with disc brake. This will be used off-road, using 700x x2.2" tyres.
    Looking through the Spa website, Kinlin do rims out to 29mm internal width, which perhaps seems like overkill (maybe not), should I go for these, or the TL23s which seems a bit more sensible. The bike is a Genesis Vagabond (monstercross) and I've definitely fallen in love with fatter tyres, but won't go any bigger than 2.2-2.4".

    I'm currently using a set of Alpkit Alpha 700c wheels, which were ok with 40mm tyres, but are really too narrow for 2.2". I have also battered them pretty hard, so need a new front rim anyway -they're too dented to true up properly! I'll probably buy a new front 28h rim for them and keep them for summer spares. Anyone know which Kinlin rim they're running?

  • I am running 47mm tyres on i25 rims (which is the same ratio of 56mm - i29) and i could go wider tbh. I would think the wider the better.

  • I read somewhere (no citation) that there’s a limit to the benefit of tire width in relation to the rider’s weight. I’m under 70kg and find that 32mm is kind of the sweet spot for me - this is pretty much exclusively on road in my case.

  • Oh i meant wider in terms of the rim internal width for the 47mm tyre i am running

    I would be interested in the source of that

  • I would be interested in the source of that

    Me too, couldn't find it in a quick search before.

  • Is there anyone near me who can service a pair of novatec hubs by Monday night? Near = I’m in se26

  • I’ve got a very little used Super B Tensionmeter surplus to requirements, £15 if anyones after one!

  • Seabass dealt with my urgent repair. Would use again

  • Would you be up for posting?

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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