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  • Makes sense. I think my concern is that taco-ing put stress on the rim join, or another area part of the rim which I can't see, and it may fail on the road.

    But I'm getting the impression I may be fine?
    Obviously know you can't say for certain

  • So taco-ing as described on the previous page isn't a write off then?
    Does it make it susceptible to happening on the road?

  • taco-ing as described on the previous page isn't a write off

    Frequently not terminal, even quite severe cases.

    Does it make it susceptible to happening on the road?

    If it happened on the bench, it can happen on the road with similar side load. If the rim is plastically deformed, it will take less load to taco again as long as the load is in the same phase.

  • So just don’t knee your bike in the wheel nuts while riding.

  • Thanks for helping :)

  • Hi all - I’m looking for a London based wheel builder to re-build my rear Reynolds AR29. I’ve had a couple of spikes replaced over the past couple of years and it’s just popped again…in this lovely weather so I think I would rather get it stripped and built up again rather than the LBS just replacing the spokes, which I’m not sure is helping.

    Any advice/pointers warmly received!



  • Time to replace the rear rim on my audax/ commuter/ everything-that’s-not-sunday-best Roberts. 32 spoke hubs which currently have an a23 attached.

    A23s are a mental £100 now, so looking for something else. Archetype on the front, have tended to open pros in the past, but have no loyalties.

    28mm rubber, so wider rim preferred. Looking for a balance of weight and wear. Not too cost conscious (40-60 is fine)

    What do I get?

  • Sorry to spam, but may be of interest to someone here - I've some P20 rims in black (20 and 24 hole), and corresponding Novatec hubs (11 speed Shimano) for sale for £100, if anyone is looking for some nice winter / posh commuter wheels.

  • Same answer as always - Kinlin XR31T. You could go for the 26 or even the 22 to save weight with a shallower rim, but the trade-off's not really worth it in my view, unless you want to re-use the spokes and the ERD on the 22 or 26 is close enough to that on the A23 to enable this.

  • With 32h the 22 or 26 will be fine, but obviously 31 is the bestest.

  • Agreed. My touring wheels have 26s, Cycliste's have 22s, both 32 spoke, and both have been fine with fully loaded touring. Still think I should have used 31s on mine, but I felt I had enough wheels with 31s already. Which of course makes no sense at all.

  • Cool thanks, I’ll check out the kinlins

  • Hi, I'm not sure if this is the done thing, but I need a front wheel truing (20h) and before I take it down the bike shop, just wanted to check if anyone in or around SE4 has the time and inclination to do it for the going rate.

    Sorry if this is a faux pas!


  • During the great Kinlin shortage I resorted to DT R460 rims, not as nice as the Kinlins, but have been pretty solid for the commuter/touring bike. I run them with 36mm Strada Bianca and they come up plush.

  • Hi looking to build something gravely and lightish. Will run 50mm tires tubeless, 12x 100 and 12x142, disc (preferably 6 bolt but not set in stone). Is there a "recipe" that's forum approved?
    I was thinking something like this maybe, but wouldn't mind spending another 100 EUR (or whatever labour cost) to have my local LBS do it.


  • Yep - I’ve used dt Swiss (was the 460 the 1.1 or something previously?) and been happy with them

    Any recommendations for a builder in north west ish London? Pressed for time at the moment so happy to outsource this one!

  • clevermike will do this for you

  • Sadly no input on builders but I know Arkane (@broken_777) are forum approved favorite, but not in your desired area.

  • Ignore me

  • Recommendations for the very best aluminium disc rim
    Equivalent to Aforce AL33, Hed Belgium etc

    It's not for me, it's not a budget build, he's not going carbon.
    Kinlin might be the perfect rim but I'm looking more high end
    700c, 24h, black, 32mm tyre

  • Pacenti Forza

    Eternity 30mm

  • Anyone have 6 DT revolution spokes 292mm length spare that I could buy and collect today or tomorrow? north london please

  • Hi all.
    I need to rebuild my rear carbon wheel after a second spoke failure in a year. Is it a bad idea to replace one spoke at a time making trueing easier or take the tension of each spoke gradually and replace all the spokes and rebuild. Thanks

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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