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  • I would look for something similar to the spokey, I have the Cyclus version and it's by far the most comfortable and useful shape for me.

  • I use a park 3 sided thing. It’s well machined but annoying. I’ve been meaning to pick up a spokey-type spanner for ages.

  • Yes. This would be annoying I think

  • Ha, didn't know Pro offered something.

    I'd be after something wingnut shaped, one tool per size, and plastic coated for comfort

    Yeah this is the main thing for me at the moment, the multi wrench is beginning to grate.


  • Yeah Spokey is my go-to for smaller sizes

  • Yeah I have one of these, very solid.

  • What is the consensus on CX-Ray vs CX-Sprints (either whole wheel or just on drive side) on rear wheels? I’m looking at some 45mm deep carbon rims laced with 24/24 spokes. I’m around 85kg riding on pretty rough roads.

  • CX-Sprints DS and CX-Rays NDS works nicely for me. 24h rear wheels with all CX-Rays can be a bit too twangy for me, particularly with stiff but shallow rims.

  • I have some wheels wich are completely laced with cx-ray, so unfortunately I can't tell about cx sprints. I weigh 73 kg and so far , I've ridden rear wheels with 24, 20 and even 16 spokes. I built a 16 spokes rear wheel from an old GPM Tecno rim to DT Swiss track hub with Cx-Rays for a friend who weighs approx. 100 kg and it hasn't exploded under him yet. They are strong spokes.

  • They are strong spokes

    They're strong, but they may not be stiff enough for low spoke counts on road rears. Some are fine, others not so much. There are various factors, such as rim properties, rider weight and strength, riding style and perhaps above all how much wheel flex the rider and bike will tolerate without something getting rubbed up the wrong way

  • I have cx rays in some of my rears. Fine in the 28h gravel wheels, but in the roadie with 24h and a fairly deep 50mm I managed to scrap the paint of the frame with a slightly misaligned (by 1-2mm) wheel doing hard sprints. At 6'2" and 68kg I'm not exactly a track sprinter, won't recommend to anyone bigger.

  • Hey guys,
    Treated myself to some fairly old and beautiful Zipp tubular wheels to race down HH. They have some muckily glued tubs currently on there, so looking to get these removed and some brand new rubber glued on - my usual trusted mechanic overwhelmed atm and I don't fancy giving it a go myself, recommendations for SE London??

  • Spoke choice for a wheel build

    I was hoping to get hope hubs and xm481 rims as part of a new bike build but they don’t have that rim in stock.

    However they do have ex511 which is a slightly burlier rim. I could upgrade spokes from dt swiss competition to competition race spokes which would slightly offset the extra weight though clearly not at the extreme end of the rotating mass.

    Will the comp race spokes make a significantly less stiff wheel build?

  • the difference would be marginal. Both spoke types will give you a good wheel, more important would be the spoke tension.

  • Race all over, standard rear drive side for all the gains. But it depends, do you really want a super stiff wheel? How many spokes? How much weight you plan to carry?
    I like slightly less stiff wheels in my gravel bike, bonus points for weight saving.

  • It’s for a full sus trail bike. I am 14stone 4lbs plus day pack etc. Ideally I’d just get the wheels with xm481 but this isn’t available. 32 spokes to hope hub.

  • Will the comp race spokes make a significantly less stiff wheel build?

    About 20% less stiff. I'd go for standard Comps as the Race spokes are a little too close to twirly-whirly Revolutions/Lasers for my liking. But YMMV.

  • Definitely standard Comps then.

  • +1, any shop would have spares when you bust one

  • Anyone London based and recommended/able to replace a snapped rear DS spoke on a set of Easton EC90 SL wheels? Will also need a retention/retrue I’m sure

  • Does anyone know if the radon truing stand is available (in stock) from somewhere else? Preferably in the EU.

  • Seems unlikely given that Radon is Bike-Discount's store brand

  • There are many similar devices under different store/wholesaler brands, each just different enough from each other and the Park TS2 to make me think they might even be made in different factories 🙂

  • Yeah, I should have specified that I meant under a different name

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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