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  • I'll need to dish the wheel towards the NDS right?

    Yes, centre to flange ends up at 20mmL/30mmR, not worse than many front disc hubs.

    The torque arm being 15mm further inboard of the dropout face than God and Shimano intended seems like a bigger problem.

  • I’ve found that an off centre clamp and a small spacer can get around that issue. I tend to upgrade the bolt/nut combo then as well.

  • Just finished a wheel with Ambrosio P20 rim, put a tubed Gravelking 32 slick on (really tight) and it won't seat properly - one side of the 'bead' always favours the channel in the centre of the rim (much deeper than other rims it seems?) Have tried: riding around at 30 psi to squeeze it out to its place/ rolling by hand/ increasing pressure to 100psi to pop it in - no luck. Thought about slicing a rim tape in half to pack out that middle channel a bit so it's relatively a bit less attractive a place for the bead to sit, but someone here maybe has other tips?

  • Soapy water on the tyre bead can help it slip into place.

  • 105PSI, then 110PSI etc, bit of water won't hurt either.

  • Been having trouble with my rear tyre losing pressure overnight (gravelking+ on a hope 20Five rim). Thought I must have buggered up seating it but then spotted this bubbling (presumably a bit of sealant) from the inner surface of the actual rim itself. Looks like there's a tiny crack, not sure what from. Two questions:

    • presumably the rim is buggered? I emailed the hope warranty people who said I could post it to them to have a look....not sure it's worth the time/hassle.
    • can anybody recommend a north london wheelbuilder who would build me a new rear wheel on the hub (a 32 hole hope RS4, if that makes a difference)?

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  • Thanks @snottyotter and @Scrabble that's helpful, will give it a go.

  • I'm in Haringey

    You want the same rim I presume.

  • Awesome, I'm in fins park so Haringey is perfect. Actually not super fussed about the rim - happy to swap for something else. I'm quite heavy so maybe something like a dt swiss rr521 or kinlin xr31 is a better idea?

  • I read somewhere that these favour tubeless tape (rather than standard rim tape) when using tubes. Certainly my adventures with these rims and Velox tape failed dramatically, never again will I use Velox... (I have a few rolls spare if anyone wants them). Been difficult but achievable with tubeless tape- both Veloflex Corsa and FMB mounted in the end, albeit much narrower than your 32s.

    FYI, these are notoriously difficult, so much so that they redesigned the 2021 rim based on feedback. Or maybe it's just good marketing to combat online comments!

  • Thanks - this is reassuring in that my idiocy isn't to blame this time round. Except maybe for getting the rim in the first place! Swapped the Velox for a more slippy plastic rim tape yesterday but still no luck getting the tyre to sit in the shoulders rather than channel even with water and then talc as a lubricant. Will try tonight to pack out channel. Even if I get it sorted though, it makes me worried about getting a puncture out & about...

  • It’s a decent rim, available at a bargain price... No idiocy there, just a minor compromise :) I’m hoping that the tyres stretch enough that it won’t be an issue when the p-fairy visits... Otherwise it’ll be a lumpy ride to the nearest LBS and a track pump!

  • Yeah, I'm just grumpy and want my newly built wheel to work straight away! The stretched tyres point is helpful, have an older one I'll try tonight. Cheers

  • Wanting to build up a 29er disc front wheel, and I was planning on using a Ryde Rival 26 rim as this seems about as wide as I could find cheaply (£24 at SJS) but I didn't see anyone mention that rim in this thread, or tbh anywhere on here... is there an obvious alternative under £25? Or anyone on here have something to offer that's wide for disc rims and 32h? Stupidly already bought the spokes, so ERD will have to be between 596 and 603 by my calculations...
    Thanks for the help!

  • didn't see anyone mention that rim in this thread

    There are hundreds of rims out there, with varying levels of distribution and popularity. The ones that get talked about on here aren't necessarily better than anything else, they're just easier to get. You're unlikely to go far wrong with any Ryde rim, they've been in the business a very long time and stick to the knitting.

  • Seems like a bargain.

  • Thanks for the reassurance! Only built a couple wheels, but had a couple hubs and wanted to try my hand at lacing up something cheaply...
    @Skülly would be cheap except for the shipping! :( I will probably buy the same one from an eBay seller including shipping in the price...

  • Need to replace the bearings in a DT 240s front hub I'm about to build up. However I cant seem to pull the QR endcaps off. They're so tight! Tried some flat pliers and gingerly tried the vice too.

    Any magic tips on getting them off?

  • If you're replacing the bearings anyways you might as well spray some WD 40 in there to try and loosen things up.

    There is also a small lip on the inside of the end cap, you can use your skewer to tap it out gently

  • yep, just sprayed.

    Tried the QR on the lip but slips alot. Might need to sacrifice a skewer and bend it slightly.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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