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  • Anyone has a 26 inch 10 speed wheelset out there?

  • Nice 700c 36h disc rims. What are my options other than Archetypes?

  • Kinlin XR26RTS. Spa Cycles has them in 36h, cheaper too than Archetypes

  • Perfect, cheers.

  • Building some White Industries hubs into Archetype's. How should I go about spoke selection?

    28h, 3x lacing. I weigh 90kg at the moment. Just choose CX Ray's as the 'best' and strongest spoke? And lasers as the more affordable option?

    Would buy Pillar's bladed choice as I've good experiences with those spokes but I need silver spokes.

  • I guess the flanges on the White Industries hubs are bigger than my DA because 3x pretty much overlapped in my case. I was happy to go 2x anyway.

  • Yeah I mean I'm not building them so 3x might not actually be possible.

  • You can get silver pillar, if you don't go bladed then get race rather than laser, bloody fiddly things, and I'd probably build 28h 2x but 3x would work.

  • Seems like the right place to put this for anyone looking - SBC built me some wheels on Kinlin RD3FTs last year. They seated tubeless (WTB Horizons) very easily... with a joe blow booster pump.

  • I've got the option to use either dt swiss aero comp or sapim cx ray when building my wheels (kinlin xr31t rims, Campag record hubs) both at cost price. The sapim's are a bit more expensive, any particular difference between the two?

  • DT aero comp have a thicker bladed section, 1.2mm Vs 0.9mm of the CX ray. Should be heavier, but also stronger.

  • yeah noticed they were heavier, 100g over a wheelset so I might go for sapims.

  • I'm sure this has been done to death over the years so apologies in advance! Is the normal wisdom still brass over alloy nipples? I know Cycleclinic likes alloy well enough. I'd prefer to go for black and the options are less for black in brass.

  • Personally I prefer alloy. I've never had any problems with Sapim Polyax alloy nipples. I've had a few issues with brass nipples, particularly black ones, which in my experience have a nasty habit of binding even when lubricated. If you want to use black nipples then I'd definitely recommend alloy.

  • Is the normal wisdom still brass over alloy nipples?

    In dry air, there's no meaningful difference. Throw a salt spray at them and things change; stainless steel screwed into aluminium alloy under high tension is one of the worst possible combinations for stress corrosion cracking.

  • Shutter Precision PV - 8 dynamo hub: the flange spacing is ~50mm i.e. narrow. I've broken a couple of spokes on a wheel built with this hub, both times I was riding light off-road terrain. Wondering if it's worth having the wheel rebuilt again or if it's asking too much of this hub geometry to deal with the lateral loads given the low spoke angle. The wheel is a few years old. Informed opinions welcomed.

  • Centre to DS flange on common road rear hubs is less than 20mm, it's unlikely that the flange spacing is the problem.

  • hey, i've got a 20h front 24h rear hubset and been trying to find a pair of decent silver 700c road rims for them. would ideally like kinlin xr22 or xr26 but the 20h hole count seems to be a bottleneck with the silver versions available.

    anyone seen these available anywhere? any recommended alternative silver options for a 70kg rider for mostly dry non-competitive road/commuting use? with the kinlins i'm drawn to the round profile, which would be ideal to have. i'm fine with ordering outside the uk if necessary. thanks!

  • I have a set of polished silver xr31 in 20h / 24h I can sell you. 24h is asymmetric. MSW, brand new. Will be a little less than rrp. Dm if of interest

  • That's few spokes for that rim/use. Deeper would be better.

    For rim brakes?

  • You can get silver pillar, if you don't go bladed then get race rather than laser, bloody fiddly things, and I'd probably build 28h 2x but 3x would work.

    @broken_777 built some fixeh wheels for me with silvar piller spokes, might be worth asking if he can haz for you.

    re: round not Race spokes, I just built with DLight into some 650b and though there was a fair bit of windup, it wasn’t kerazy hard. Thickness of spoke middle is halfway between Laser amd Race.

  • Oops that ^ was meant to be @JB. Soz for bothering you Snottyotter.

  • The brief excitement was consolation enough.

  • If anyone needs a straight-pull 20h Ultegra 11s rear hub, I have one spare that I’d like to get rid of. PM for details.

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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