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  • I have a 105 hub but need something that can take a Campagnolo cassette

    How many sprockets? 11-speed is the same spacing, so an 11-speed Shimano cassette will play nicely with 11-speed Campag dérailleurs

  • Unfortunately not 11sp @gbj_tester - 12sp.

    I should add, it's not an issue to buy new spokes, it would just be cool to keep this as cheap as possible.

  • just be cool to keep this as cheap as possible.

    12 speed campag?

  • yes. I already have some 28h White Industries / A23s with a campag FHB, but the R460s are a noticeably stiffer wheel under my heft - and I think I preferred the ride of them. So yeah, making them Campag compatible would be good as I don't particularly wanna sell them. I've been on Campag since the summer, so these wheels have just been sitting around.

  • Fair enough, ideally pull them apart, measure what you've got and the rims then decide, but at least pull a some from each side and measure then decide.

  • There is no problem with this ... just be aware the measurements in the calc might be bollocks :)

    If so just take your own measurements and pick up new spokes. The Sapim spoke calc takes you through the measuring process.

    Use fresh nips.

  • Thanks guys. Will give it a go and share the results.

  • just be cool to keep this as cheap as possible.

    12 speed campag?

    Had the same thought.

    @JB Campag 12 speed cassettes are the same width as 11 speed, so they’ll fit on the same (old) freehub.

  • they’ll fit on the same (old) freehub

    But not on a Shimano 105 freehub 😉

  • You might find Ambrosio Nemesis in 36h on eBay. Rarer, but less fashionable, so may not be so pricey. King of tubs.

    Velocity Major Tom are the other more modern, high quality, tubular rim. Apparently they do come in 36h but you might be hard pressed to find them in that drilling.

    I’ve never tried the ‘new’ Open Pro tubs, but do have a not crazy old pair of Reflexes. They haven’t blown up yet and have the advantage of being 22mm wide, so slightly more than the Nemesis.

    All that said, I wouldn’t spend lots on 36h tubulars with a freewheel hub... Something like Kinlin ADHN would visually match the hubs, while being wide, modern and far cheaper than TB14s (or most likely new tub rims).

  • Yes, as I said, I've had Chorus 12 since the summer and had some Zonda's and now these WI/A23. I sold the Zonda's as I didn't looooove the way they looked.

    I've had the R460s which I really liked the ride of just hanging around hence the desire to get some use out of them.

  • R460s are pretty boss, I would've used them fo my next set but want to try Kinlin (XR26T).

  • Bang for buck is crazy good. I paid $260 shipped from Velomine for:

    DT Competition

  • Sweet, that is good.

  • Thanks for that. The Kinlin ADHN look fine, so it’s going to be a choice between them or Mavic Reflex dependant on Clincher vs Tub

  • Ended up just ordering Record hubs / DT Competition / R460. Great value all built up from Colorado Cyclist at $440 shipped inclusive of tax. I should be able to sell the White Industries wheels and cover 2/3 of the cost. In my heart of hearts I wanted silver spokes so it made sense to just buy new.

  • The only problem is many spoke preps go off making building hard. I insist on two different spoke preps depending on the nipple material both of which need finishing fairly quickly or the wheel becomes problematic at tension.

    Dry builds are equally problematic in terms of time taken to finish. In fact customer lacing can mean the build takes more time and therefore a higher price than of the wheel builder just laced it themselves.

    If a customer brought in a laced wheel but is not fully tensioned, dry spokes or improperly lubricated, not that round or straight dished.... then there is alot of work.
    Lacing taking what 15 minutes or less so hardly any money can be saved. Also when i am lacing a wheel i make sure all the spoke nipples start it the same therfore the wheel stays pretty round.

    An experienced wheel builder will do the job quicker and right without customer lacing the wheel. and in less time than if the customer laces themselves. I would not accept such a job.

    What if the customer pick the wrong length spokes, or laces it with mistakes. This is a mine field. If you want a shop to build the wheel let them and let them calculate the spoke lengths and build it. If you want to lace it your self, build it all your self. The middle way is were disputes can happen.

  • In 36h you choices are more limited.

    Kinlin tb20 are 20h/24H/28H/32H only.

    Mavic open pro t are not a bad choice. Nemesis rims would be awesome.
    Campagnolo strada/victory rims are good.

    In fact i have a number of tubular rims.

    I know i have a nisi rim and a 36h mavic monterry. Drop me an email, not PM and i will have a look in the tub box.

  • Could not get hold of CycleBasket spokes (closed due to a bearavement I believe) so went the BLB way...

    They still have loads of plain gauge stainless steel spokes, powdercoated in offensive colours at £15 for a box of 140 to 150 with nipples.


    I still have loads of rims & hubs so trying to build them to sell them - these are entry level wheelset so plain gauge spokes are just fine

    28h Velocity Deep V rim in white
    28h Zenith Flip flop hub with sealed bearings
    284mm BLB spokes
    Laced 3 cross

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  • Are there any newer better experiences with Kinlin ADHN? Did they sort the issues out or are they still ongoing?

  • The adhn is a very shallow rim. Rims like that must have double eyelets or they are awkward to build with. Double eyelets tie the rim together without them you never get the wheel stable.

    The tb14 is a shallow rim done well. The ADHN is the tb14 done cheaply. You get what you pay for.

  • I'm curious as to what prep you are using; any reason to avoid boiled linseed oil?

  • For brass nipples i use rock n roll nipple cream because its not messy. Oil works well enough but there is cleaning to do afterwards. Each wheel builder has there own thing.

    For alloy nipples to stop corrosion i use permabond threadlock.

    Washers gets used on many build. Some rims they don't work with but of you can use them they reduce friction and speed up the build. If you build alot of wheels speed is of the essence.

  • Cheers!

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Wheelbuilding / Wheel Building / Wheel build help

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