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  • Heres the idea

    just paste the last thing in your clipboard

    so apple v, or ctrl v

    it just a bit of fun, you can end up with some really odd stuff

  • The area of suspension mechanics, the flow of fluid with suspended
    solid particles, is applicable to many
    industries, from mining to manufacturing. The simulation technique of
    Stokesian dynamics considers identical spherical particles
    within a viscous fluid undergoing a linear flow.

    There are exact integral equations to describe such a system, which
    use the Oseen tensor to represent particles by a distribution of point
    forces. The essence of Stokesian dynamics is the truncation of this
    to calculate interactions between well-separated particles.

    In a large domain, simulations are numerically intensive; so we
    use a self-replicating periodic lattice. The calculation of
    particle--particle interactions is accelerated using Ewald summation, a
    technique which has been previously applied to three-dimensional domains
    very effectively. The 3D work however cannot be applied to monolayers or
    confined suspensions, so the aim of our work is to develop a
    version of Ewald summation.

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  • Matta-Clark's "cuts" inspired, among other contemporary artists, Brian Jungen, from British Columbia, Canada. Jungen recycles goods from a globalized consumer market and transforms them into objects that evoke a specific cultural tradition based in part on his Dunne-za First Nations background, as in his series "Prototypes of New Understanding."

  • was the potential Mayoral candidate and DJ of hearts.

    oh... sorry

  • 1 10 3 9 5 8 7 7 9 6 ? ?

  • and no i didn't fancy her

  • echo DB files: %dbfilespath%

  • mr_tom echo DB files: %dbfilespath%

    Urgh. I feel unclean. shudder

  • Stabilize1 = Stabilize(0, 1, 1, "1 point", tracks.tracker.rockX,

    tracks.tracker.rockY, 1, 1, 2*width/3, height/3, 0, 0, 2*width/3, 
    2*height/3, width/3, 2*height/3, "box", xFilter, "trsx", 
    0, 0.5, -(shutterTiming*script.shutterTiming)/2,­ 1, 1, 0, 
    0.5, "v2.0", 1, "1/64", "luminance", 0.3, 0.59, 0.11, 0.75, 
    "use start frame", 0.5, "stop", 0, 0, 25, "track1", 1712.06-height/25, 
    1712.06+height/25, 554.532-height/25, 554.532+height/25, 
    1712.06-height/15, 1712.06+height/15, 554.532-height/15, 
    554.532+height/15, "track2", 2*width/3-height/30, 2*width/3+height/30, 
    height/3-height/30, height/3+height/30, 2*width/3-height/15, 
    2*width/3+height/15, height/3-height/15, height/3+height/15, 
    "track3", 2*width/3-height/30, 2*width/3+height/30, 2*height/3-height/30, 
    2*height/3+height/30, 2*width/3-height/15, 2*width/3+height/15, 
    2*height/3-height/15, 2*height/3+height/15, "track4", width/3-height/30, 
    width/3+height/30, 2*height/3-height/30, 2*height/3+height/30, 
    width/3-height/15, width/3+height/15, 2*height/3-height/15, 

    Sharpen4 = Sharpen(Stabilize1, 100, 6, xPixels/GetDefaultAspect(),


    // User Interface settings


    "nodeView.Sharpen4.t", "0",
    "nodeView.Sharpen4.x", "1376.14917",
    "nodeView.Sharpen4.y", "-1189.92822",
    "nodeView.Stabilize1.t", "0",
    "nodeView.Stabilize1.x", "1393.75928",
    "nodeView.Stabilize1.y", "-1116.67908"


  • Get those photos from the other day up, and the Thames barrier, and i'll get the info u 'll need on that cheaper frame

  • Aquascutum

  • grimoires

  • [in love]

  • Achieving conversational success in aphasia by
    focusing on non-linguistic cognitive skills: A potentially
    promising new approach

  • it was someone's name and address so i better not!

  • hael: So how much to take care of my boss?

    StabbyMcStabstab: £250

    hael: Is that one knee or both?

    StabbyMcStabstab: Both, and Ill throw in a kick in the nuts

    hael: Cool, Ill take it. You take PayPal?

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