She is now finished

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  • Well after a few weeks of ums and ah's she is now finnished.

    My first conversion was born from a frame/busted bike found at a scrap yard

    that got stripped down

    and rebuilt

    with a dash of new parts and a few carefully adapted bodges I now have a lovely little fixie to play on.
    I've learnt all kinds of great things along the way, and now after taking it for a bit of a play i'm sitting down pleased my legs have stopped hurting lol
    The total build probably cost about £150ish, Its running about 68 gear inches (44t/17t), It took about 2 weeks to build, but that was mainly waiting for paycheck.
    So what you think?

    ps. thanks for all the help everyone

  • She's a beautiful thing.

    Reminds me of being a small person.

    I was dead chuffed to score a Viscount Aerospace, until me mate rocked up on his Peugeot Routier.

  • She's Purty.

  • woohoo, congrats! lovely bike! always makes me happy to see that someone's given an old bike a new life :)

  • Nice work splatty b! Looks cool.

  • so glad u kept the 3 arm crank. looks perfect on that frame

  • yer i'm glad i kept the cranks, and i think it works well, was a bugger to get straight though, i kept getting tight spots. sorted now and chain is silent (almost lol)

  • very nice matey. i went past tivy dump the other day. didn't have time to stop unfortunately!

  • Sweet ride. Makes me want to go by my town's dump this evening to see if anything is worthwhile having :)

  • Nice work. Give us the heads up if you're ever come to The Smoke for a ride!

  • nice build : )

  • nice ride, wasn't it a pain to get proper chain tension with those dropouts tho?

  • well done for budget. Very nice bike and a nice price! I'm impressed. pat on the back

  • photoben Nice work. Give us the heads up if you're ever come to The Smoke for a ride!

    But make sure it's not raining, or photoben will cry off.

  • Now, now.. he half-drowned along with us on the Southend ride..

  • cages!

    yeah it warms my heart to see new life breathed into old things

    but cages! or how you going to stop?

  • Nice build, funnily enough I've just finished my first one earlier this week and I think we have the same taste in frames!

    Went for modern crank on mine as eventually I'll re-use the parts when I upgrade the frame in the future. Not quite as clean as I've got the brake on there and a bell to get tourists out of bike lanes (I live in Amsterdam). Out for the first fixed ride yesterday and feels great, if a bit weird when you forget and try to coast though!

    Also like to add thanks to this forum which has been a great source of info during building.

  • stompy [quote]photoben Nice work. Give us the heads up if you're ever come to The Smoke for a ride!

    But make sure it's not raining, or photoben will cry off.[/quote]

    Oi! None of that! Rain ain't got owt to do with it. You not seen the pics from the Southend ride?

  • hmm i should work on the peugot sittign in my liveing room...

  • Alas the bike is no more!
    This is what happened...
    I was setting off for a bit of a ride, and after about a mile going down a bit of a hill (not too bad though) anyway I was back pedaling and all of a sudden the chain goes completely limp. So unable to slow down I ended up slamming into a corner, I was fine but the bike was a bit mangled.
    The front wheel buckled completely, snapping part of the rim.
    The front forks also bent completely out of shape.
    And the tyre burst.
    At first I thought the chain had snapped but when i looked down i discovered that the locknut had flown off the hub.It appears that the locknut had actually stripped.
    Anyway as i'm sure you could imagine I was pretty pissed off, especially as of all the parts that broke it was the 1 piece that was designed for the job, so i rang up the shop i had got it from and they asked if i could bring it in.
    So I drove over there ready for an argument on how it was some how my fault and not theirs. But the manger guy there came out and had a look at the hub, apologized and right off the bat said that they would like to replace my rear hub, front wheel, and forks.
    But... because it is an old Peugeot frame the forks are french threading, they pointed out that they couldn't replace them...

    So they said that they would have to build me a new frame, and try to move as many parts across to the new bike.
    So basically I'm now getting a brand new, custom built track frame, new forks, cranks, wheels, etc etc. :D

  • fuckin A, what a result. 8^)

  • were you were riding no brakes with flat pedals? because the smashing into the corner bit might not have happened..

  • WOW!! Bummer after you put in all the hours mate.

    I'm glad that you are okay splatb..

    Try and make sure it's a steel frame.. ;-)

  • Lucky man, both in terms of the fact your not hurt and the bike.

    Did you put the cog on really really tight as sometimes it can spin on a little more under hard pedaling leaving a gap between locknut and cog meaning it can be easy to strip the threads, this is a very common mistake for people to make when installing cogs. You may very well know this but just to make sure so it does not happen again next time you install a new cog I though I would raise it.

    Glad every thing is working out well for you.

  • what the f**k thats mental!!

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She is now finished

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