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  • Howdy! Pretty much just joined the forum.. here's a small intro - I'm a bmxer, I've ridden my little kids bike for 10 years now. Moved to London last year and well, I hate the tube!

    Bought an old single speed bike last year and used that on the commute but it got stolen a few weeks ago. Since then, I've been trying to buy a fixed gear and it seems that this'll be it.. I was offered a nice deal on a Fuji Track and I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying it - brand new, easy to insure, bla bla.. However I'm interested in hearing any comments from fuji track owners, especially when it comes to toe overlap. My peugeot had a bit of overlap and it messed me up quite a bit, it wasn't even fixed! Any idea if a 56cm fuji would overlap? If it does indeed, any tips on dealing with it on the street? :)

    Cheers everyone!

  • i cant help but is toe overlap when your toe touches the front wheel.

    if so i have that issue big time but im used to it and i avoid the wheel.

  • yup, that's exactly it.. is that on a fuji track then?

  • Unless you are cycling reaaaal slow or are doing something strange you should never have to turn the wheel that much for toe overlap to really be an issue...

  • yeah its where the toes overlap onto the front wheel, almost all track bikes have this as they are designed to go round a velodrome where you dont need to turn much, ways to reduce it are shorter cranks and binding your feet from birth to stunt the growth.

    welcome to the forum unxetas :)

  • beware standard wheels on a new fuji, threads on fixed side of hub strip VERY easily...if you ever change a sprocket make sure you clean the threads on outside of hub and inside sprocket (toothbrush) and scew on nice and straight....track bikes have toe overlap...generally track racing involves going fast in a straight line (or banked curve) so it's not an issue on the track.....however it is more of an issue on the road, low-speed tight turns are quite common in London after-all...if you're not thinking of riding track there are plenty of fixed wheel road frames / bikes out there.

    hope this helps....

  • cheers for the replies!

    I do hope to take it to the track a few times, Herne Hill isn't that far from where I live.. I figure it'll be a couple weeks at least before I feel comfortable enough to risk crashing in front of a line of riders though ;)

    I knew that track frames pretty much always had toe overlap, but I've read a few conflicting comments on whether the fuji's are actual track frames or simply fixed road bikes with a misleading name..

    Thanks again!

  • i think they are a little bit in-between, and from the look of it there will be overlap, but it really is about getting used to and trying to avoid it. it'll become second nature soon enough ;)

    from what i heard larger frames tend to have less of the overlap problem as well.

  • I've got a 56cm Fuji Track.

    Yes, there is overlap. I was worried by the thought of it, but I haven't once touched toe to wheel while riding. The only time I feel it is when I'm stopped at lights and I turn my wheel into my foot.

    It just doesn't come up as a problem for me.

    (I'll probably fall over on the way to Dunwich now. Hubris).

  • perfect! well, not perfect, but great to know that..

    I haven't hurt myself on the bmx for a few months, I think the fixed will bring back the pain haha..

  • the Geo on the Fuji is not too steep, plus the forks it comes with have a fair bit of rake. The rest is just down to gettin the right sized frame.
    Im on a Fuji, however the forks are not stock ( less rake ) so there is alot more overlap on da tire occasionally. Toeclips help though.
    Other than that for a bike of-the-shelf Im well impressed with the actual frame. The parts have all help up in the first year.
    The only thing I had to do was re-lace the rear wheel cus the spoke spokes were shite and going all the time. but yeah get it if its good price.

  • oh yeah and if you really want one, edwardes in camberwell are selling them really cheap now (frame only)

  • i just popped into edwardes today in camberwell, they have a fuji track for £350 (full set up). I'm thinking about getting one, does anyone have any other tips on this bike for a first time fixed/track buyer?

  • See if you can get them to change the rear sprocket from 16 to something a bit larger.

  • xxx I'm waiting for my fuji track to be delivered tomorrow from http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product­_info.php?products_id=162

    It seems they've been around for not that long, I think my order was something like number 125! Cheap though, and they did answer my emails really quick. I'll let you know how the bike turns up. Honestly, if the money wasn't a problem, I'd have bought it from a local shop (edwardes) but £50 is still £50..

  • edmundane oh yeah and if you really want one, edwardes in camberwell are selling them really cheap now (frame only)

    How cheap is cheap?

  • does edwardes have a hp?

  • OK, so I've got a new Fuji Track, and I want to replace the stock drop bars with a set of Profile Airwing OS bullhorns I have acquired. Problem is the stock stem (1" threadless quill stem) has a clamp that is too small to fit the profile bars (i think these are 31.8mm diameter - very fat).

    it seems to me that the easiest way to fix this is to either:

    • grab a new stem with an oversized clamp, in which case suggestions of appropriate models would be more than welcome, or
    • give up on the profile bars and find some bullhorns to fit the standard clamp on my existing stem.

    What do you wise people suggest?

  • hey there!

    i also got a fuji track - i took the actual drop outs, cut the end bit, turned them around and bam! i got fuji bullhorns :P
    I think replacing the stem works as those bullhorns sound quite nice :P

  • i dont think anything bad about people having them
    but why do people have them?

  • bullhorns that is!not fuji tracks

  • BTW You probably won't be able to find a 1" threaded stem with a clamp for oversize bars. You'll need to find a 1 1/8" threadless stem with a shim for 1" forks (or find an aftermarket shim).

    1" threadless stuff is getting hard to find anyway. Still making bikes with it, but the components manufacturers have pretty much moved on to 1 1/8" as standard.

    I think the best thing to do is look around, see what decent stems cost vs replacement bars and then make a decision.

    Another potential thought is, that typically if you've got bullhorns on, you generally run a slightly shorter stem (though a lot depends on how long the horns are). So if you really want bullhorns, changing the stem may not be the worst idea.

  • nitto bullhorns are 26.0 clamp. dont know the fuji stem size but if its 25.4 just use a shim


  • jv nitto bullhorns are 26.0 clamp. dont know the fuji stem size but if its 25.4 just use a shim


    If the bars are bigger than the stem a shim won't help.

    Unless it's made from antimatter.

    Or similar.

  • antimatter!:)

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Fuji Track / Fuji Track Pro / Fuji Track Classic

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