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  • when do u know it's time to replace the rear tyre that's been skidded thru?
    when the threads start showing through?

  • yep, that'll be a good time

  • Yup, I looked down and saw my threads last night. All of this rain has got me in a skidding frame of mind :-)

    Vredestein Fortezzas in black / white for under £20 on ebay.


  • mind sending me a link to those mashton?

    been looking for white tyres!

  • they are not completely white. check out my pics in the face / bike thread...

  • thanks mashton, that's actually how i like it, with black tread.
    but ah they're under 20 each. a bit too pricey then considering i know how to skid now will skid around all the time like mad. think i'll wait for rubinos to come back in stock....

  • Doh, I thought I bought a pair. That sucks.

    Ah well, the front is still in pretty good shape...

  • rubinos! I got a pair of these... so, so good. coming from a pair of schwalbe blizzards they are so soft and grippy and skid so very well. Dunno if I can afford a new set each month though... better get on that front brake and start avoiding glass.

  • which version u got? pro foldable ones?
    the standard 60tpi ones come quite cheap. i've seen them for less than a tenner each somewhere online

  • yeah, rubino pros. foldables. 60 tpi eh? i'll look 'em up now...

  •­oductDetails/mcs/productID/1996 like these? Part of the appeal was them being foldable- so nice and supple. Still, logic would suggest that rigids would be tougher- my schwalbes lasted a whole two months before I got any punctures. Not sure if my rubinos have any more than a fortnight left.

  • Again, if you're skidding.. why buy good tyres?
    Put a nice grippy one on the front and buy the cheapest POS for the back (Vitt Rub steel bead)

  • agreed.
    what nice grippy one on the front u recommend hippy?

  • Well, I use the same sh1t on the front as the back because I'm tight when it comes to commuting tyres.
    But I always used ProRace on the race bike.

  • hippy Again, if you're skidding.. why buy good tyres?
    Put a nice grippy one on the front and buy the cheapest POS for the back (Vitt Rub steel bead)

    word to that hippy

  • the tread on folding rubinos vs wire bead rubinos is the same, so you mostly improve weight w/ the more expensive one.
    the rubinos are nice because they skid easily and consistently.

    hands down, the vredestein forteza tricomp is my choice for the front, and the back too if it's my road bike.

    the less pricey option would be the maxxis re-fuse. excellent flat protection, trustworthy cornering, and folding for a pretty cheap price. it's good on the rear of the work bike too, as it all but eliminates flats.

  • I have white Fortezzas on the Soma and don't like them. I used to ride another model Vred on the roadie and their S-Licks on the mtb and they were both nice but I'm not too keen on these. It may just be the colour putting me off or the lack of riding or the fact that they're not red tyres.. dunno. There's just something about them that makes me want to skid through them asap!

  • scott, been after a set of those for a while can't seem to find any???

  • it's ok just found some, thanks anyways

  • hahaha, thats the same link...cheers

  • TheBrick(Tommy) [quote]hippy Again, if you're skidding.. why buy good tyres?
    Put a nice grippy one on the front and buy the cheapest POS for the back (Vitt Rub steel bead)

    word to that hippy[/quote]

    first off, let me admit that i have very little experience with heavy skidding. i was riding tubulars for the first six months of being fixed and after popping the rear tire (i bought it used and it was already pretty bare, so learning to skid on a gravelly bit of road was fun, and the bang it made was also pretty cool, but walking home with a tire that had a six inch gash in it sucked). the next tubular lasted hardly any time at all, not because of skidding but because of a sharp piece of glass that went right through it. i finally got different rims from my friend for my london beater and kept the continental 4000s he'd been using.
    he'd been skidding them (admittedly not super heavily, but enough) for a year, the rear tire was a little too bare, so we swapped it. but it lasted him a year.
    is it really cheaper, then, to use cheap tires, or does the cost of replacing them so frequently add up?

  • dunno if they're good or not, but just found those maxxis re-fuse for £14 each, here­t/108017.html

  • It depends how much you skid but for a Conti 4000 I can buy 2.5 Vittorias and if you run brake/s like I do you can make it last as long as you want. If you are skid stopping always then I would still suggest cheaper tyres or perhaps those Soma jobbies that have the extra thick centre: Soma Everwear (­ml) These are rebadged um.. Panaracer somethings

  • cool, maybe i'll try something cheaper when it comes to replace it then, as i plan on doing more skidding. i want to learn the one where you loop your left leg over the bars as you skid... :)

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Skidded thru'

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