LFGSS Server Downtime

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  • Sometime over the weekend of the 4th and 5th I shall close LondonFgSs, copy it to the new server, open it on the new server, and wait for all of you to pick up the new DNS settings so that you get to the new server.

    So, expect the site to close for a short while over that weekend. And if you're planning any rides or anything, be sure to swap phone numbers and shit upfront (not literally, this isn't a blood brother thing) ))><((

  • OMG! How will I cope!!! Mileage or drinking (or both) is going up that weekend :) Cheers DK.

  • Does Vanilla not like parsing the arrow things correctly?

    All I'm getting is >

  • Vanilla does, the BBCode thing I'm using doesn't.

    I'll look into it eventually.

  • Also moving the database server this morning.

    In theory this might have no downtime, but one never knows.

    Doing it soon.

  • For those wondering what happened... Linode has network issues in London right now: https://status.linode.com/incidents/4d4x­wfzyy009

  • I'm going to migrate the servers very early tomorrow morning.

    Expect downtime after 7am until it's done... hopefully that won't take too long.

  • All done.

  • Forum posts today for me have not been wrapping to my mobile screen width and need scrolling to the right. It’s acting a bit like when someone posts a long but not hilariously link which doesn’t quite fit the screen width. Anything to do with the migrate? Could just be me being leet but I don’t think I’ve changed anything.

    Edit: sigh, except for this thread which is displaying fine. LolN00b1337wtf

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LFGSS Server Downtime

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio