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  • I need a longer rear axle to fit my polo bike

    as you might be able to see from this picture the track nuts only just squeeze on the end of the axle thus i need a larger axle
    hub is campy record ( now built up ) rear spacing for this frame is 128 or something in that vicinity i need a long axle that will accept the frame dimensions but still leave me a long enough bit of axle to get some track nuts on with a bit of space either side once tight
    would this be sufficient ?­AR-AXLE-ONLY-136mm-1970s-NOS_W0QQitemZ18­0141001996QQihZ008QQcategoryZ56197QQssPa­geNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    does anyone have something similar for sale or point me towards an axle that will definately fit
    cheers dicki

  • you sure like repeating yourself dicki
    with no punctuation nor spacers

    i don't have any axles, and i can only say i'm jealous of that high flange record there!
    you sure u using THAT for a polo bike?

  • dicki, edit the above looooooooong post with a full stop..... 8^)

  • I did it for him.

  • that hurt my head:(

  • it's 110mm OLN... anyone knows if that hub will have any chainline issues if spaced out to 120mm?

  • cheers techo dudes
    don't know what happened there

    the chainline isn't the issue the length of the axle is the problem can i get a longer axle
    i presume axles are symetrical not lop sided ??
    i don't really want to buy another hub having just had that built up 'n' all

  • are you planning on leaving the rear at 126? perhaps it'll be easier to cold set the frame and then you could get 120s on there.

  • cold setting wasn't part of my plans i have been advised against it , the hub fits perfectly it is just the axle sticking out either side of the frame onto which the nuts go is too small i need more axle outside the frame

  • You're all f***ing bonkers.

    Just get a 126 OLN road hub and take the spacers off the drive side and put them on the non-drive.

    Then re-dish it. It's only a polo bike, right?

  • Buffalo Bill You're all f***ing bonkers.

    Just get a 126 OLN road hub ... It's only a polo bike, right?

    C'mon. Next you'll be telling us that the NJS aren't interested in certifying polo bikes...

  • Whats the length of that axle?
    I have a Campy rear axle for that hub which is longer than 120.. but it's runs with a skewer

  • couldnt you just use any 15mm axel of the right length? or am i a spanner, ffor swiching axels on hubs all the time, i love coldsetting, and useing a hammer on my bike as well

  • Cold-setting rules!

  • from being f***king bonkers to cold setting rules?

  • A girl's allowed to change her mind, isn't she?

  • alright. but just this once.

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Truuble at mill

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