Creaky headset/stem/bar/fork/dunno

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  • My relatively new specialized has developed a creaking noise, only when i stand up and really put pressure and side to side motion on the front end.
    Now, i'm quite sure something simply needs tightening/oiling, but what? where? not sure where to look, as it's not obvious from whence the noise cometh

    any help?

  • sounds like the stem is making the noise, have you tried tightening anything?

  • Don't just tighten, you need to clean the bar/stem interfaces. If they're loose, little bits of grit can get under there and cause the clicking.

    Take the bars out of the stem clamp and wipe 'em down good. Put back in and tighten.
    You might want to do the same with the fork clamp end - this might then require headset fine tuning.
    While you're at it, check for any fine lines or cracks around welds/joins.

  • ok, that's good advice, thanks. In fact, come to think of it, i flipped the stem over last week, so that must surely be the root of the problem.


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Creaky headset/stem/bar/fork/dunno

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